Maxx Williams   TE   Minnesota


Maxx has the size, strength, speed and athletic talent to be an impact receiver and blocker for the team that selects him. He is an excellent athlete who can be used all over the offense as an inline blocker or used to block on the move like an H-back. His ability to catch the ball, secure the catch and take on the tackler for more yardage is without equal in this draft for any receiver. Maxx can play in the slot as a receiver and, in the red zone, can line up outside and be a big pain in the buttocks for defensive coordinators. He is an acrobat when it comes to catching a pass in traffic and his toughness after the catch along with his speed and athletic skills are unique. Maxx loves contact and the more contact, the more he consumes it mentally. If there is a third down completion needed, Maxx will catch the ball short of the sticks and ďwillĒ his way to that first down. He has quick feet, good strength and shows leadership skills through his play on the field. I call him Mad Maxx Williams because he plays with a fearless attitude that not many players have nowadays. He reminds me a lot of Tight End Jeremy Shockey.

When I first saw Maxx play this year, he wasnít a very good blocker. His techniques were very poor and he seemed to lack the athleticism when blocking that he had when running routes and catching the ball. As the year went on, Maxx improved dramatically obviously working hard and taking more pride. He still needs work, but I have no doubt that Maxx will become an excellent blocking tight end so that he can stay on the field for all three downs and make an impact in the passing game. Because of Maxxís age, off field maturity in dealing with the amount of money that he will receive is also a concern. After all, we are talking about a 20 year old kid.

Iím not sure I can convince you any more than I have that Maxx has the potential to become the type of player scouts use to compare future draft eligible players to for his position. Maxx has the talent to be as good and as impactful for the team that selects him as former Giants tight end, Jeremy Shockey. Jeremy had some very good years for the Giants, but off the field and on the field he became more of a distraction and less impactful in spite of his talents because of his impatience with coaches and other players on the team and injuries. At least thatís how I saw it. Maxx seems to have that same impatient way about him. Itís a gift and a curse. Itís what drives him to try and be the best, but it also could cause him (because of his lack of maturity) to become a big fat pain in the buttocks unless he is selected by a team that can handle his type of attitude. Nevertheless, Maxx is the type of player you donít pass on because of this. You draft him and coach better, ensuring that, because of his age, you take care of him as he grows with the team instead of becoming a separate brand that is bigger than the team. Maxx has the potential with his style of play to become bigger than life and overwhelm his potential. I can tell you this: I wouldnít pass on him even if I had the best tight end in the NFL. His impact is a given as far as Iím concerned. Mad Maxx Williams is projected to be a star if he can handle the limelight and doesnít self destruct.

Drew Boylhart