Michael Bennett   DT   Ohio St


Michael’s style of play reminds me a lot of Buffalo Bills Kyle Williams. He is an effort type of player who never stops working and, if you make a mistake blocking him, he will make you pay. He is solid against the run and as a relentless inside pass rusher. He has decent ability to shed blocks and make tackles in the hole, but what he does best is demand that you deal with him on every play and if you want to run at him, you will have to double team him, but he still can make a play. He comes off the line with a strong burst and at the right pad level plus does a good job changing the line of scrimmage to his advantage on most plays. Michael is the type of player every team needs on their defensive line because he has the size to play multiple positions in any style of defensive scheme. He’s a worker bee and should become a core player for the team that drafts him.

Michael doesn’t have the overall athletic talent others do in this draft, but he does have the effort and enough talent to compete at a high level. When he gets into a pro strength and conditioning program, learns better techniques and gains experience, he will become a valuable player.

Not every player is going be a star, but as I said, Michael reminds a lot Kyle Williams who is a leader and an important part of the Buffalo Bills defense because of his ability to make plays just when the team needs a play to be made. Kyle has played on some not very good defenses and he stood out as a player you must re-sign. He has played on a defense right now that is considered one of the best in the NFL and he still stands out, but he is not the star of the defense; he is just the glue that keeps the stars in place. That is what Michael will be for the team that selects him providing he continues to give the effort that he has for his college team and doesn’t get stars in his eyes. I would interview this kid and find out where is head is at and if he understands that at the next level he might not be a star, but could be one of the cogs to a great defense, then I wouldn’t hesitate to select him.

Drew Boylhart