Mike Davis   RB   South Carolina


Mike is a quick cutting, powerful running back who has the vision and strength to run the ball between the tackles and the technique to gain the corner outside the tackles. He shows on film the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield as well as the skills needed to catch the ball down the field. Mike is strong enough and smart enough to block for his quarterback in blitz situations when called upon. He is the type of running back that the more you give him the ball, the stronger and effective his impact will be. Heís what I call a fourth quarter running back. All you have to do is tell him in the huddle Mike, itís hump time and he will do just that -- he will get you over the hump and into the win column. Mike reminds me a lot of Maurice Jones-Drew.

Mike is small of stature, so the biggest worry is how well he can handle stunting defensive lineman and blitzing linebackers when protecting his quarterback. In his defense, they are going to have to worry about him sneaking out of the backfield and gaining big time yardage as a check down receiver. If he improves his technique and his football intelligence in reading defenses, Mike has the bulk and strength to be very effective blocking, but it will be up to him to improve. In my opinion, right now he does an adequate job at the college level but must improve this skill for the next level as adequate wonít be good enough to have longevity in the NFL.

Mike is the type of running back who could change the definition of hump day from Wednesday to Sunday in the 4th quarter. You want to get over the hump in a game to comeback from a deficit or to take time off the clock in the last 4 minutes of a game when your team is winning; you call on Mike in the 4th quarter. He will catch the ball out of the backfield on check downs and swing passes; he is smart and will save you time on the clock staying in bounds to keep the clock moving. He will gain those all important yards between the tackles and make life miserable for defensive lineman to see him before he burst right by them. Mike will do all the little things that a winning team needs from its running back to win games. He has excellent vision and lateral agility in the hole to make yards that most backs wonít be able to make in tight quarters. He has the strength in his lower and upper body to break tackles and because of his size, he surprises opponents and is by them quicker than they anticipate, where they canít do anything more than arm tackle him and arm tackles do not take Mike down to the ground in most cases. He has excellent balance and is a smooth running back when he gets into the open, which is unusual for a player of his size and leg length. He is faster and quicker than he appears on film which is another advantage along with his size, strength and football intelligence that will serve him well at the next level. Like I said Mike is the type of back to get a losing team over the hump to become a winning team and that is the definition of a good running back.

Drew Boylhart