Nelson Agholor   WR/ST   USC


Nelson is that quick/fast receiver most teams take for granted when evaluating players for the draft. He is smart and is an excellent blocker; his effort on every play to run his routes correctly and with separation is excellent. He has very good hands to catch the ball in traffic and will go over the middle with a fearless attitude. He loves to gain yardage after the catch and through his play on the field he shows that he is an excellent teammate and is very smart. He runs every route on the route tree and, with his quickness and excellent hands, he can catch the deep ball without any problems at all. Nelson can play any one of the receiver positions at any point on the field. He is wiry strong and because he is so quick, itís very hard to push him off his routes. Nelson will be an impact player as a receiver, a returner on special teams and as the best blocking receiver in this draft. Those are the facts and they cannot be refuted.

Nelson has a slight frame and he comes from the Pac 12. He is smart, which can be a concern if you think a player is thinking too much, but I donít think thatís the case with Nelson.

Other than Nelson having a slight frame and playing in the Pac 12, I really canít figure out why he is not getting more attention in this draft. In spite of his slight looking frame he has good size and strength, so being put off by his 6í0Ē 198 lbs size seems to be perplexing to me. Nevertheless, no one seems to be as interested in Nelson as they are in other less talented receivers in this draft just because they might be taller. I mean seriously, turn the film on and you will see Nelson being used for blocking assignments used for H-backs. Then you see him as he lines up on the outside, in the slot or even coming out of the backfield on third downs. The whole passing offense is formulated around Nelsonís talents and football intelligence. I have even seen him being used to help out the left tackle on run downs to seal the corner when he is lined up just off the line on the left tackles shoulder. Iím not sure why no one else would be impressed with a 198 lbs player being used as a blocker and helping offensive linemen, but I sure am. So say what you want about players coming from the Pac 12 or from USC or whatever but when I see a receiver with excellent hands who is quicker than I can use spell check, fearless going over the middle, loves to make yardage after the catch and BLOCKS, I think that player will be an impact player for the team that drafts him because like I said, those are the facts and they cannot be refuted.

Drew Boylhart