Owamagbe Odighizuwa   DE/DT   UCLA


Owamagbe is a powerful and naturally strong defensive lineman who has long arms to keep players away from his body. He might be the best in this draft with using the correct technique to stand his opponent up on the line of scrimmage, shed him and make tackles on the line of scrimmage. He’s an excellent run-stuffing lineman with the foot speed and enough change of direction talent to become an excellent power pass rushing defensive end similar to the Giants’ Jason Pierre Paul. He shows on film the quickness off the line to change the line of scrimmage on every play and the strength to handle the double team in order to disrupt the opponent’s play in the backfield. Owamagbe might be a bit raw right now and still needs repetitions to improve his instincts and learn exactly how to defeat game planning against him, but as soon as he gets more repetitions and coaching at the NFL level, I have no doubt that he will become a dominant defensive lineman.

As I said, Owamagbe is a bit raw right now, but his improvement from one year to the next and from one game to the next has been impressive. Going to the NFL and given more than 20 hrs to gain experience will help him dramatically because of his natural strength and athleticism.

I have noticed that Owamagbe is a natural weakside defensive end in a 4-3 defense because he has the power to overwhelm most left tackles at the college level with his quickness and strength. He plays a lot on the left side of the defense for his college team, but when they moved him over to the right side against a left tackle in four down lineman set up, this kid explodes off the ball because he has more room to maneuver, which is when you see his true talents to impact as a pass rusher. When lined up as a defensive end in a 4-3 set, he is quick off the line and uses his hands very well. He takes an excellent angle to the quarterback, making it difficult for any QB to move up in the pocket or get out of the pocket. His natural strength in his hands and his long strong arms allow him to move his opponent wherever he wants. Once he gets more repetitions and plays just one position, Owamagbe is going to be the type of defensive end opponents will have to double and triple team to move him off the line. The truth is, I’m not convinced double and triple teaming him will still move him that much in the opponent’s favor. This kid is a bear to deal with and like a bear, he doesn’t like to dance -- he likes to eat.

Drew Boylhart