PJ Williams   CB/S   Florida State


PJ has the size and speed along with the football intelligence to play more than one position for the team that selects him for its defensive backfield. He is an instinctive player who shows leadership skills in his play and has the respect of his coaches and teammates. PJ can be used at multiple positions in the backfield because of his size, speed and tackling skills in the open field. Inside the red zone, he can match up against those bigger receivers and tight ends. In the middle of the field, he has the savvy to be used on the inside or the outside depending on the situation. PJ has the speed to be used as a single free safety as well as at the line as a strong safety. This, along with his ability to play cornerback, will make PJ the type of player who becomes a valuable player for the team that selects him.

PJ lacks the quick twitch that you like to see in a pure cover corner, but he makes up for it with technique and football intelligence. He can get beat on double moves because he lacks that quick twitch, but overall, he is a solid cover cornerback and will be even a better cover safety with excellent tackling skills.

I donít think there is any doubt that PJ will be an excellent player at the next level, but it will depend on the style of defense as to what position he will play. He is a solid cornerback with the ability to play zone or man-to-man, but I think his true position at the next level might be more as a safety. What I like about PJ is that he steps his game up to the challenge and when he does get beat, he turns the page and moves on very quickly. He is a hard worker and just when you think you got him beat, he seems to find that little thing in himself that allows him to reach and knock the ball down or turn his body just at the right time to intercept the ball or just get in the way of a receiver preventing him from catching the ball cleanly. PJ is a leader because he understands that one bad play does not make a game. He is a leader because he never gives up on a play. I like this kid a lot because of his talents, but mostly because of his intangibles and the fact that he is a very good tackler and can be used in multiple style of defenses in the backfield and play multiple positions at a very high level.

Drew Boylhart