Phillip Dorsett   WR   Miami


Phillip is a speed receiver who runs very “crafty” routes. He has the athletic talent to take it to the house at any point on the field. He is a weapon and will be a match-up nightmare just because of his speed. He can run any route on the route tree with the polish that few college receivers possess coming out in the draft. He has the quick feet to change gears and after he makes his cuts, he is quick to get up to his full speed and get over the top of the defense. Phillip is smart and is just as good a route runner and at reading defenses against zone coverage as he is against single and double coverage. He gives an adequate effort blocking, but what sets him aside from most receivers is his fluid style, lateral agility, quickness and speed. Phillip is the type of receiver that when you are pinned near your own end zones, your opponent will have to double team him for the deep ball. That means no eight in the box.

The key for Phillip to become an even more potent offensive weapon is to get off the bump and run techniques that will be used against him in the NFL. He also has to keep on his routes and not allow defensive backs to get physical with him and bump him off his routes. He doesn’t play bigger than his size and he can be intimidated; he will drop passes when he runs deep, which can’t happen at the next level. He lacks the bulk to prevent injuries and this may limit his ability to stay on the field. He doesn’t show the strong hands to catch the ball when being contested and inside the red zone, his lack of being physical will be an issue that he will have to overcome.

Right now Phillip is what I call a “move” receiver or slot receiver in that he looks to get off the line of scrimmage without dealing with physical defensive backs. His slight frame and his lack of aggressiveness in his route running makes me concerned that Phillip will be man-handled and injured, keeping him from being on the field. He reminds me a lot of Percy Harvin who is more of a threat in the minds of defensive coordinators then he has ever really been on the field. Percy struggled to stay on the field and when he was on the field, if you got physical with him (and offensively didn’t move him around), he disappeared in spite of his athletic talents. Percy is an excellent fantasy league receiver, but he is not a winning receiver. If Phillip wants to be more than a specialty player, he will have to learn to become more aggressive and physical in his overall play and that includes blocking and running his routes. If he can become more physical and aggressive, he could become as good as the Colts’ TY Hilton. The truth is it’s more of an attitude issue than it is an athletic issue for Phillip. He has to get tougher mentally. If he can, everything else will work itself out.

Drew Boylhart