Quinten Rollins   CB/S   Miami Ohio


Quinten has the tools to be an impact defensive back for the team that selects him. He has excellent quickness and is a solid tackler. When he anticipates a block, he is quick to get off it and make a tackle. He has the hands to make the interception and, with his physical style of play and ability to flip his hips, Quinten can fit in any style of defense and at more than one position. He loves a challenge, but at the same time, can turn the page when he does get beat and live to fight another day. Quinten is smart and in a zone defense is a bit of a ball hawk and playmaker, which makes him a fit to be moved around in the defensive backfield and play safety or cover in the slot as well as corner.

Quinten lacks the make-up speed for the next level when he gets beat and if those tall receivers get behind him, he will struggle to make a play on the ball. However, learning better techniques will help him as will learning to read receivers. He is strong and might be more quick than fast and if that’s the case he could wind up a better safety than a corner at the next level.

Play Quinten at safety or play him at corner, either way you’re drafting a talented player who, as soon as he gets acclimated to the NFL, should become a leader for you in your defensive backfield. He might not be your best player in the backfield, but he will be a playmaker and a leader and I would take that style of player over a lot of more pure talent corners who will struggle to make tackles and make plays. I’m convinced that Quinten can come in and help right away on special teams and in nickel-dime situations. I have no doubt that if a team plays him as a corner or safety and gives him time to develop, he will become an impact player. He has the quickness that you look for in a defensive back and when he identifies the play in front of him, will drive to that play with the passion and aggressiveness you like to see in a defensive back. He has the same quickness of Steelers’ Troy Polamalu to the play and the toughness of Chargers’ Eric Waddle with the potential to cover as well as Browns’ Joe Hayden. Although Quinten will need some time to improve and reach his potential, I think you would want a player with that type of talent and potential on your team. I know I do.

Drew Boylhart