Rashad Greene   WR   Florida St


Rashad reminds me a lot of former Indianapolis Colts receiver Marvin Harrison. He has that same quick lateral agility that makes it impossible to stay with him when he is running his routes. He is always open and runs very mature routes. He has those warm, soft hands to catch the ball that milking cows go moo for on an early cold winter Wisconsin morning. Rashadís hand-eye coordination makes it easy for him to catch the ball on those deep routes and his lateral agility always gets his body into the correct position to receive the ball on those tough third down plays. He is impossible to deal with on crossing routes because of his quickness and ability to catch the ball effortlessly while in stride. Rashad does a good job getting off the line against press coverage, is smart and reads defenses, even changing his routes (when needed) against zone or man coverage. He shows leadership talent through his play on the field. Rashad has franchise type maturity, football intelligence and the athletic talent to be an asset for any team with a veteran quarterback or a rookie quarterback. In this draft, with so many big receivers, it will not surprise me that teams will overlook Rashadís potential to impact right away. Thatís why I call him Rashad (Overlooked) Greene.

Rashad has that lack of bulk and slight frame that can lend itself to nagging injuries and the lack of upper body strength to get off the line of scrimmage at the next level. He will have to start out as a ďmoveĒ receiver or slot receiver until he can learn the techniques to free himself up off the line of scrimmage. As soon as this happens, I expect Rashad to become a big time star at the next level for the team that selects him. Rashadís slight frame may be a reason for some teams to downgrade him.

In spite of the fact that Rashad is slight of build, his excellent lateral agility and vision is a gift and makes it easy for him not to take the big hits other players take on crossing patterns and third down move the chains plays. This amazingly quick lateral agility is also the reason that I would feel comfortable selecting Rashad early in this draft. The teams that donít recognize Rashadís natural skills and talent not to take the big hit will pass on drafting Rashad early and just might be passing on a potential Pro Bowl receiver. Rashad should have an excellent career and for me personally, I donít see injuries being any more of a problem for him than any other receiver in this draft. There are some big strong receivers in this draft that can be considered franchise players, but no one that I have seen so far who have both the natural quick lateral agility and vision that Rashad has, which is what sets him apart from some of the others in my book. Rashad might not be THE best receiver in this draft, but he is definitely is one of the best. Overlooking him because of his slight build will be easy compared to other taller and heavier receivers this draft and thatís why I call him Rashad (Overlook) Greene. Not a great nickname, but I think an appropriate one the closer we get to draft day.

Drew Boylhart