Ray Drew   DE   Georgia


Ray is a sleeper defensive lineman in the draft. He can play more than one position on the defensive front seven and can play in a style of defensive front because he is very stout against the run. Ray shows on film good feet and comes off the line with some explosion, but his best attribute is how well he strings plays out, takes on double teams and is able to shed blocks and make tackles in the hole. He works hard on every play and changes the line of scrimmage in his favor on just about every snap of the ball. He is excellent at using his hands and has those long arms that keep his opponent off his body keeping him square to the line of scrimmage. Ray is raw at this point of his career, but his talent and football intelligence is excellent, along with his ability to naturally stop the run.

At this point in his career, Ray needs to spend time improving his pass rushing techniques. He has a lot to learn on how to rush the passer, but the biggest issue for Ray to overcome is his extreme lack of work ethic and dedication to the game of football in general. Heís fooling only himself if he thinks he can go to the next level and continue to show a lack intensity and passion for the game he has shown in the past at the college level.

I remember when Michael Strahan came out and the Giants took him in the 2nd round of the 1993 draft. Ray Drew reminds me of him and plays with the same style on the line of scrimmage. The big difference is that Ray still has a lot more to learn -- a lot more. I believe Rayís impact position will be as a strong side defensive end in a 4-3 defense because of his ability to play against the run and his future potential to rush the passer. Ray is not as dominant at the college level the way Michael was and is not the pass rusher that Michael was either. Ray wasnít even invited to the combine and didnít play in the Senior Bowl or Shrine game. Itís logical to think that the reason Ray hasnít been thought of more highly is a lack of dedication to football and immaturity in general. Nevertheless, on the field, Ray shows that he has the talent to play more than one position and if he can get his head on straight and stop fooling himself into thinking that he is better than he is, Ray could easily become an impact player for the team that selects him at more than one position in the front seven. Whatever his excuses are for not coming close to reaching his potential I suggest he stop and look in the mirror and find out the person he truly wants to be. Does he want to be who he is now or does he wants to reach his potential and possibly be the type of player who could impact the game like Michael Strahan has? Itís truly up to him. Personally Iíd like to see him reach his potential. I would take a chance on him as early as the 4th round because although his work ethic is lacking, I do not sense that it has anything more to do than him being immature. At least thatís what I see in his play on the field.

Drew Boylhart