Reese Dismukes   OC   Auburn


Reese has excellent size, strength and technique to be considered the best interior lineman in this draft. He can make all the snaps and has just enough lateral agility to play at more than one interior position on the line of scrimmage. He is stout and uses excellent leverage to stop his man in their tracks when they try to bull rush him. Reese shows good leadership skills through his play on the field. He has enough athleticism to go out to the second level and make his blocks along with the ability to get out of his stance quickly and be used in a pulling offensive line system. Reese works well with his guards and does a very good job when he combo blocks waiting to attack the second level and not moving too quickly that would make him miss his blocks. He is smart and shows very strong hands to control his opponent. Reese has the athletic talent and offensive lineman skills to be used in any style of offensive blocking system.

Reese seems to be hesitant going out to the second level to make his blocks, but the truth is that he has the athleticism to get out quicker and cut off linebackers along with picking up run blitzing safeties through the middle when needed. My biggest concern is that Reese doesnít communicate as much as I would like to see with his linemates, but that could just be the offensive system doesnít require him to do that. Sometimes it means that the QB or coaches call the line calls or just line play doesnít change because audible are not allowed. I guess my point is if Reese is lacking the skill to make and change line calls than heís lacking in the most important skill for a center to have. After all, if your center is not as smart as your QB and coaches, then heís just a guard.

Reese has the potential to be a plug-in center for the team that selects him, but if he is not making changes at the line, he will be a guard until he can show that he can handle the line calls and is on the same football intellectual level as the quarterback and coaches. Nevertheless drafting Reese would be a very smart selection because he has shown that he can play more than one position on your line and is a potential Pro Bowl center. Look for a team with multiple picks in the first round to select Reese or a team with an early 2nd round selection to move back into the first round to select Reese. If that doesnít happen, some lucky team will be getting first round interior offensive line talent in the second round. The importance and value of all the offensive line positions have finally gone up dramatically the last few years. Teams are thinking (like me) that building the offensive and defensive lines is the key to being in the playoffs and the true offensive skill positions are Quarterback, Left Tackle and Center. So donít be surprised if your team selects Reese in the first round and donít worry, be happy because it sends a signal that your team is finally interested in getting to the Super Bowl.

Drew Boylhart