Sammie Coates   WR   Auburn


Sammie is a “sneaky good” wide receiver who is smart and can play all of the receiver positions. He has those nice, strong hands that can fight for the ball in the air along with the athletic talent to adjust to the ball in the air. He understands how to shield his opponent away from the ball on those all important third downs to move the chains. He has sneaky speed that allows him to get deep to make the big play. Sammie is the type of runner who doesn’t look fast on film, that’s why I call him sneaky fast. He has long strides that mesmerize his opponent into thinking that he’s got Sammie covered and then all of a sudden… in two strides, Sammie is separating from the defender and catching the ball deep. Sammie is the type of receiver who gets separation when the ball is in the air because he likes to change gears or adjust his body to the ball, but not until just that exact moment when he realizes the ball is thrown to him and in the air. He runs smart routes and is an excellent blocker and teammate. I call him “Sneaky” Sammie Coates because his style of play sneaks up on you if you’re not aware of his talent to impact.

Sammie’s biggest weakness is that he might be too good of a teammate. He seems to be willing not to be the 1st option in the passing game for his team and that is a bit disturbing. Of course he is coming off an injury and the coaches might be protecting him. Additionally, he is in an offensive system that relies on the running game more than the passing game unless they are behind in the 4th quarter. That hasn’t happened too many times this year.

Sammie reminds me a lot of Bengals WR, AJ Green. He has the same body type and, as far as moving the chains, he likes to do it more by running the route to the needed yardage rather than being the type of receiver who gains a lot of run after the catch yardage to make a first down. What I like about Sammie is his ability to get deep and catch the ball in traffic and the fact that he is very smart. He understands situational football and is not afraid to be called on when his team needs a big play in the passing game. He reads defense as well as his quarterback and seems to always be on the same page when running his routes and getting open. This season, Sammie has been coming off or has a knee injury and hasn’t shown the speed that he has had in the past. Confirmation of the injury and its future affect at the combine will be the deciding factor of what round teams are willing to select Sammie in, but It will not have an effect on his ability to impact at the next level. I consider Sammie to be one of the the best receivers in this very deep receiver draft with the potential to impact in much the same way AJ Green has for the Bengals. He is (Sneaky) Sammie Coates and he is very good.

Drew Boylhart