Sean Mannion   QB   Oregon St


Sean has good size and arm strength to play his position at a high level for the team that selects him. He shows good accuracy and can make all the throws needed to become a starting quarterback in the NFL. He has the ability to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball on third and long when everyone in the stadium knows it’s going to be a pass play. Sean is the type of quarterback that throws very well in rhythm and, once he gets in rhythm, it is very difficult to stop him from making big plays in the passing game. He has a smooth motion and doesn’t speed up his delivery under pressure to lose accuracy. Sean has the talent to be a starting quarterback at the next level and with good talent around him, can easily be considered as a top quarterback at some point in the future.

Right now Sean lacks the lower body athleticism to handle all that will be required of him at the next level. He has slow feet and his set up is slow when he is under center and goes to his 5 and 7 step drops. He struggles to get away from pressure and extend plays. He is inconsistent with his mechanics when he is forced to leave the pocket or re-set his feet quickly and make an accurate throw. Sean lacks the instincts to slide in the pocket and in reading defenses and understanding (pre-snap) where the pressure is likely to come from. Nevertheless these concerns are not insurmountable and Sean looks to me like the type of player who could easily overcome them given the time.

Sean has the same type of talent as Matt Schaub. He has the same arm strength, athleticism and size as Matt. And like Matt, Sean struggles with his football instincts and the ability to slide in the pocket, re-set his feet, extend plays and make the tough accurate pass. The question is will Sean learn to minimize these issues? Sean has to learn better “pocket presence” or he will be just another quarterback added to the quarterback graveyard of the NFL. Right now Sean identifies the hot receiver very quickly but he still has a lot to learn about the different pressure and disguises that a defense uese at the college level, much less in the NFL. Sean has to learn this more quickly than other quarterbacks coming out in the draft because he lacks the quick feet to set up and move in the pocket to extend a play that most other quarterbacks coming out in the last couple of drafts have. I’m not convinced Sean will have the impact in the NFL that he has had at the college level, but I do think with good talent around him Sean can become an excellent starting quarterback for the team that selects him and a winning quarterback. How much winning will depend how long it takes him to learn how to slide in the pocket to extend plays and make those accurate throws under pressure. In the right system and with the right coach Sean could do it. For me, I would wait to see how much he has improved and then make a play for him in free agency. He has a lot to prove.

Drew Boylhart