TJ Clemmings   OT/OG   Pittsburgh


TJ is a young, athletic offensive lineman with very good lower body strength to be a good run blocker in any offensive blocking scheme. He fires out at the right pad level to keep his opponent from gaining leverage and has the quick feet to bring his legs up underneath him and change the line of scrimmage to his advantage on most every running play. His workout numbers should show that he has the natural athletic ability to play more than one position for you on the line of scrimmage. He looks to be a natural guard with the size to be a solid offensive tackle in the future, which will excite many offensive line coaches at the next level. TJ shows good mental stamina and effort on every play and looks to be the type of player who could become a better offensive lineman at the NFL level than he was at the college level. He hasnít had the repetitions to show his true impact line position for the team that selects him.

Right now, TJ is a pass blocking nightmare. His techniques are poor and inconsistent to say the least, and when his techniques break down and he starts to get beat, he will commit penalties at the next level. TJ gets frustrated very easily; right now, he may have the mental stamina to play at the next level, but does not possess the mental strength to turn the page once he gets beat in order to use the correct techniques on the next play.

What I see on film right now is a player who is a developmental guard. I donít see the lateral agility that he will need to play the offensive tackle position in spite of his athletic talent. I suspect thatís why he was changed over from the defense to the offense Ė a lack of solid lateral agility. Defensive tackles must have good lateral agility to play in a 2-gap defense and stop the run; if they donít have that, they are either 1-gap defensive linemen or guards on the offensive line. Mentally, TJ is nowhere near where he has to be to protect a franchise quarterback on the blind side. He could be a pretty good right tackle in the future, but he will have to be covered up by a tight end, and in this day and age with so many pass catching tight ends being used on third and long, TJ is not what you would be counting on to play right tackle in the future. He looks to be a solid guard with good potential to be a left guard, but no matter what position you decide he will play, he is a developmental offensive lineman. Draft him too high and throw him on the field at any of the offensive line positions and he will struggle until he masters more block technique. If he is not selected too early and a team goes slow with him, he could be a swing tackle or a pretty good guard for some team IN THE FUTURE. Remember it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.

Drew Boylhart