Tevin Coleman   RB   Indiana


Tevin is a zone-blocking-offensive-lineís dream running back come true. He is a one cut and go type of back with good strength to break tackles and although he is not the fastest or the quickest running back in the draft, he is the most decisive. He is a good third down blocking back when he gets set and identifies his blocking assignment is a talented blocker. Tevin has the quick feet and balance that you look for in a back that can run between the tackles as well as outside the tackles. He can catch the ball out of the backfield (in check down situations) and because he has an excellent burst and strength, he will gain needed yardage on third and short downs. Tevin shows the lateral agility to shake and bake a little, but the truth is once he gets going, he likes to take a north-south direction to gain the yards and then go back to the huddle and start all over again. Tevin has a workhorse mentality and runs like a big back; unfortunately, that might not be the best thing for him at the next level.

Tevin runs like a power runner, but he doesnít have that bulk to be a power runner at the next level. Injuries will be the biggest concern for Tevin because he does take a full hit when he gets tackled. He is small for the style of running he does and because he lacks the pure speed to score from anywhere on the field, teams will downgrade because of his size and lack of pure speed.

Iím not convinced that Tevin can be your featured back just because he runs with the style of a feature back. In fact, at times, he runs with the same style as Eddie Lacy, but the problem is he just is not that big and doesnít look like he can add bulk. If he can, heís the real deal. Like I said he is not the fastest or the quickest back in this draft, but he goes to the hole like a tractor-trailer coming down Pikes Peak in the winter time. He can slip and slide his way through an entire offensive line; once he sees a linebacker or defensive back, he hits them with everything he has. Tevin is close to being a complete running back. His blocking is solid although he can get confused and miss his assignment. He has the hands to catch the ball out of the backfield, but his burst on hand-offs and catching the ball sets him apart from the other backs in this draft. Tevin has everything you need in a running back except the size needed for the style he runs, which may cause him problems at the next level because he is the type of back that needs to be on the field to impact. Tevin needs to carry the ball 20 times or more to truly become an impact running back and, at just over 200 lbs without the speed needed to be a true speed back, that will be difficult. Nevertheless, others his size have done it before.

Drew Boylhart