Tony Lippett   WR/CB   Michigan St


Tony shows on film very good hands and excellent lateral agility. He has nice speed and does a solid job running his routes and making the big play on third downs. He has very good balance and prides himself in setting up a defensive back to make a play. Tony has also played cornerback for his college team and shows the ability and cover skills to be used on offense and defense in specialty situations. He has good quick feet to flip his hips and, of course, has the hands to make interceptions. Tony is the type of player you can use as a slot receiver or a move receiver because he has talent and skills that can cause problems with a safety or linebacker matching up with him. He has the talent and skills to be used on defense as a nickel cornerback because in a short zone he can cover very well.

Tony lacks strength in his upper body to be a starting cornerback in the NFL. He also lacks top end speed to stay with the bigger receivers and can get out muscled to the ball when itís in the air. He is not a good tackler because he lacks the strength in his hands and upper body. As a receiver, he lacks the catch radius and strength in his hands to be an every down receiver plus, the upper body strength to stay strong on his routes and not get pushed around. Also, Tony gets down on himself when he gets beat as a cornerback and seems to be handle the offensive side of the ball mentally better than he handles the defensive side of the ball.

Tony will struggle at the next level and right now is truly only a complimentary receiver who comes in as a 3rd, 4th or 5th receiver. The longer Tony stays on the field as a receiver, the easier it will be to defend and match up to him. As a cornerback, he needs to get stronger and tackle better. Right now itís easy to break tackles going up against him and if youíre at full speed coming at him on a sweep or screen, he watches you go by with the flair of a bull fighter side stepping a bull as he roars by him. I like Tony, but he has a long way to go to become a starting receiver or cornerback at the next level. I believe his talents are better suited to the offensive side of the ball and can impact more quickly as a receiver and punt returner in the right offense and with the right quarterback throwing to him. He has the talent to play at the next level and become a #2 starting receiver if he works hard enough.

Drew Boylhart