Trae Waynes   CB   Michigan St


Trae is an interception, change the field, pure cover corner that plays zone as well as he plays man-to-man coverage. He is very smart and shows leadership skills on the field. Trae has the quick twitch quickness that you look for in a pure cover corner, but what sets Trae in a class of his own is his mature techniques to go along with his natural God-given athletic talent. Trae has the ability to change gears and get up to speed quickly, but what is also unique about Trae is his ability to catch the ball and adjust his body in the air to intercept and catch the ball like a wide receiver. As soon as Trae (on the run) identifies the route being run against him, he quickly changes his thought process from a defender to receiver and starts to run the route better than his opponent, putting himself in the right position to challenge for the ball once it is in the air. Trae is not satisfied with just knocking a ball down. Thatís not his game. Traeís game is to get to every ball before his opponent gets to it. He is a willing tackler and a solid tackler; he takes pride in making sure his man is down after he catches the ball. He comes up quickly on sweeps and uses excellent techniques to get off a block and disrupt a running play to his side. You draft Trae and put him on the field and he will impact the day after the draft.

Iím sure some teams will worry about Traeís slight frame, but I donít think thatís a problem because he has excellent strength to go along with terrific techniques against the run.

I think Trae has the athletic talent, size, strength and mature techniques to impact and become the next cover corner that everyone drools over and wishes they had on their team. Trae is not just a cover corner he also is an excellent ďzoneĒ defensive back who shows the leadership abilities and instincts to be used in a single free safety defense and I pity the quarterback who thinks they can throw deep on him when he plays that position. He is tough against those fade patterns in the red zone and has the quickness to play those pesky slot receivers who are match-up nightmares for most defensive backs. Trae is the real deal and I suspect he wants to get to his next contract ASAP because thatís when he will break the bank for the team that selects him in this draft. I call him Trae (The Rattler) Waynes because he plays the game like a rattlesnake warning his prey before it strikes, but then once that prey comes too close, striking like lightning and shooting venom that paralyzes his opponent. Trae will paralyze a quarterback and offensive coordinator into thinking they canít throw his way in a game because of his cover skills and his ability (like lightning) to turn a game around with an interception.

Drew Boylhart