Tre Jackson   OG   Florida St


Tre surprisingly is a better pass blocker than he is a run blocker. He has some lateral agility and anchors well against the bull rush. He works well with his line mates, is smart and picks up stunts and blitzing linebackers easily. Tre has the mental stamina to improve his blocking as the game progress. His football intelligence and his ability to adjust and understand how a defensive coordinator is going to attack him during a game from quarter to quarter is impressive. He has just enough foot speed to be used in a short, ďpull blocking systemĒ wrapping around and leading a running back between the tackle and center gaps. Tre is a smart player and shows leadership skills through his play on the field and right now, just a conditioning program away from being a ten year starting right guard.

As I said, Tre is a better pass blocker than a run blocker and most of that has to do with his weight and lack of upper body strength. He is not able to handle the weight he is at right now because he has to build better functional weight and muscle. When he does, he should become a much better run blocker. He also is too high when he fires out when run blocking and loses leverage easily. All of these issues are correctable and, I suspect when Tre gets into a better strength and conditioning program, he will gain the added fictional strength that he needs to become an excellent right guard for the team that selects him.

When I look at right guards, I always expect them to be better run blockers than pass blockers. I donít know why -- maybe itís just me! The difference between me and most others who analyze players for the draft is that Iím willing to overcome my own pre-set notions and just tell you what I see on film no matter what position a player is playing. Tre is a better pass blocker than he is a run blocker -- those are the facts. He struggles with his weight when he moves forward but stepping laterally and moving his feet in pass coverage he seems to have fewer problems. Now if you want to know why Tre is better moving backwards than he is going forward, I suggest you ask a position coach why that would be. What I see is athletic talent on a frame that cannot handle his weight. I donít believe that Tre is necessarily overweight, I just think he needs a better strength and conditioning program to handle that weight. You might suggest that he lose five or ten pounds, but doing that without gaining muscle will just be a waste of time. So draft him and figure a year from now that Tre will be starting on your offensive line because thatís what I see on the film. A ten year starter and thatís a pretty good draft pick in my book.

Drew Boylhart