Tre McBride   WR   William & Mary


Tre is an athletic receiver who shows on film good, soft hands to catch the ball. He is very fluid running his routes and has those long legs that make it hard to keep up with him on deep routes. He will go and get the ball in the air and has the athleticism to adjust to the ball in the air and make an acrobatic catch. He is a willing blocker and although he is not a quick twitch athlete, his fluidity is deceiving. When he is running his routes, he reminds me a lot of Saintsí Marques Colston. Tre is not as big as Marques, but he runs his routes with that deceiving speed and same fluid motion as Marques Colston. If Tre can prove at the next level that he can deal with the NFL competition, he can become as impacting as Colston has become for the Saints.

The biggest concern -- and it will not be answered in any workout Ė is whether or not Tre can handle mentally getting hit for the first time in his athletic life by defensive backs who want to take his head off his shoulders every time he is thrown the ball. Also, can he come back the next play and make the great catch? He has to become a more aggressive, better prepared blocker. Right now, there are times when he gets manhandled when blocking. That sends a signal to me that mental toughness and physical play may come as a surprise to him at the next level.

Tre will have to prove to himself and others that he has the mental toughness to take a hit harder than he has ever been hit before and still come back the very next play and make the big catch. It wonít happen in any workouts or any senior bowl game, believe me. It will happen on the field of an NFL team. Until he does prove it, Tre will just be a guy with excellent talent and potential. I guess the next question is, do I think he has the mental toughness that is required to be a star receiver in the NFL? I can tell you this -- I know he has the talent and if I were sure than I would draft him earlier than the 4th Round. I am not that sure and I personally would look at selecting Tre later than the third round, but thatís just me and I have been wrong before. The information that I see on film suggests to me that he will struggle with the physical nature of the NFL for some time. You see, in spite of the fact that when Tre runs his routes he reminds me of Marques Colston who wasnít picked until the 7th Round of the of the 2006th draft. He also reminds me of the Bills 2010 4th Round pick, WR Marcus Easley, who is a good special teams player but hasnít been able to make it as a starting wide receiver in the NFL for the same reasons that I have suggested that Tre might have problems with. So for me, the 4th is the earliest round I would think about drafting Tre and the later the better. But like I said thatís just me and others might think differently.

Drew Boylhart