Trey Flowers   DE   Arkansas


Trey is excellent against defending the run. He shows in his workouts (with a CPM score of 91.0) that he has a lot more talent to become a good, solid pass rusher also. He has extraordinarily long arms that allow him to play bigger than his size and he shows the character and work ethic needed to be successful at the next level. Right now Trey is what I call a “slip and tackle” type of defender instead of a “shed and tackle” type of defender. He is deceivingly strong and because of his long arms he can keep players off his body and slip by them to make tackles in the hole. Trey looks to be a perfect fit as a strong side defensive end in a 4-3 defense because of his talent to play against the run. He can handle those big right tackles against the run and, because of his natural strength, is very stout against double teams if a tight end decided to get into the blocking mix and help out the right tackle. Trey is a developmental player who can help in a rotational situation until he develops into the starting defensive lineman that his talents suggest he can become.

Right now there are a lot of areas that Trey has to improve on before he can become a starting defensive lineman. He has very few pass rush moves and, although he is stout against the run, he must improve his explosiveness off the line of scrimmage when he is defending against the run or going to pass rush. Also he needs to get to the quarterback faster on passing downs. He comes off the line and engages, then hesitates, then re-engages, then hesitates and then makes a play or creates pressure. This has to stop; getting his long arms up when he can’t get to the quarterback and disturbing the pass lane is a must if Trey wants to become an impact pass rusher.

I’m not going to screw around here; Trey may be too nice to play in the NFL. From the looks of his play on the field and the potential to develop because of his athletic talent, I believe that once he gets into a strength and conditioning program in a pro setting, he could wind up being one of the better pure 4-3 defensive ends in this draft. However, that depends on whether or not he can get a little tougher mentally and play with more passion. That’s going to be the key for this kid to be successful at the next level, playing with more enthusiasm to get into the backfield and more explosiveness off the line on the snap of the ball. He addresses these issues and Trey will become an impact player, a core player, and a fan favorite for the team that selects him. That’s his potential and we all know how hard it is for some players to reach that potential if they don’t have the character and work ethic. In this case, I think Trey has both of those attributes.

Drew Boylhart