Ty Montgomery   WR   Stanford


Ty reminds me a lot of Arizona Cardinals WR, Larry Fitzgerald. He has the same size, strength and speed to be an impact and franchise wide receiver for the team that selects him. He has excellent lateral agility to get in and out of his breaks and terrific hand eye coordination to catch the ball deep. Ty has the size to move the chains and the athletic ability to adjust to the ball in the air in order to make the difficult catch with a defender hanging all over him. Ty has been “THE” receiver for his team, on third downs and as a touchdown maker in the red zone, for two different quarterbacks while at Stanford. He has shown his ability to play hurt and still make an impact in a game. He is smart and understands how to set up defenders to make the impact play late in a game. I call him Ty (Rope-A-Dope) Montgomery because like any good receiver, he knows how to keep banging away with his body to tire a defender’s body out to make an impact play late in a game.

I can nitpick any player’s game to death, but the truth is when I evaluate a player I’m looking (in his play on the field) for that “thing” that signals to me that this player wants to get better and will work harder to get better. I see that in Ty’s overall game so suggesting he needs to run better routes or needs to get more explosive off the line of scrimmage or will have to get better with his blocking is a given. I have no doubt Ty will accomplish the improvements he might need at the next level; therefore, nitpicking just doesn’t make much sense.

If you need a franchise wide receiver in this draft there may be a few others to look at, but none better than Ty (Rope-A-Dope) Montgomery. I think Ty might be a lot faster than most think he is and I believe he will prove that at the combine if he decides to work out. You are drafting a complete receiver when you draft Ty. He has the skills and athletic talent to do everything that is required on and off the field of a franchise player. He can play multiple positions as a receiver out wide, in the slot and can return punts and kicks on special teams. Ty has the speed to be used for sweeps and understands how to follow his blocks to turn the corner. He has carried the Stanford passing game for the last three years with proven production all three years and, as a senior coming off injuries from last year, he still plays on special teams as a returner which signals to me a player who will do anything to win. There may be other receivers in this draft, but there are none better. In my opinion, the media has fallen asleep when it comes to this kid’s proven talent over his college career. Ty is such a complete receiver and such an efficient receiver that most people are overlooking him as one of the best players in this draft. It would not surprise me if that continues because Ty is not the type of player who feels the need to prove himself off the field. He just does it all on the field and if you don’t notice… so be it, Ty just goes on about his business. I ‘m guessing he figures its your problem, if you can’t figure his proven potential to impact a team. Ty (Rope a Dope) Montgomery and like I mentioned before reminds me a lot of a speedier Larry Fitzgerald of Arizona Cardinals…same talent and same way he approaches the game.

Drew Boylhart