Ty Sambrailo   OT/OG   Colorado St


Ty shows on film the work ethic and athleticism to play guard for the team that selects him in this draft. He is a hard worker and gives effort on every play and plays with the pride to protect his quarterback on every play. He shows good foot movement to be used as a pulling guard or in a zone blocking scheme. Ty also has the agility and foot movement to turn and push his block up the field to give his quarterback the ability to slide in the pocket and extend plays. Ty doesnít commit many penalties in spite of the fact that he was playing out of position on the offensive line for his college team. He is a developmental guard who if he can make the snaps at the center position good move up in this draft.

Ty has to work on his upper body strength and he has terrible hand techniques that must be corrected in order to compete at the next level. He has done a decent job playing left tackle for his college team, but for the next level will have to be moved inside which will require him to learn a new position and right now Ty has some bad habits at the tackle position. If he can make the snaps at center, I think at some point in the future you might see him playing that position at a very high level. However, for the time being he needs to get into an NFL program, get stronger in his upper body and learn better pass blocking and run blocking techniques. I think Ty is well worth the effort and the wait until he does find a position that best suits his talents and efforts.

I think developing a player like Ty is the life-blood of an offensive line. Playing out of position will hurt him in some teamsí evaluations because they will be locked into him playing tackle at the next level and the truth is Ty is not a tackle for the next level. Play him at that position and he will never be a starter who impacts. Develop him at the guard / center position and you could have a starting offensive lineman for the next ten years. Can Ty play tackle at the NFL level? If you force him to, he will do the best. Ty will not lack the effort, but he does lack the lateral agility to play at this position at a high level in my opinion. He is off balance and on his heels when trying to get out against those speed pass rushers which leaves him very susceptible to multiple moves and bull rushes. He can fill in every time someone gets injured. But do you want to draft Ty and make him a substitute swing offensive tackle or a starting guard or possibly a starting center? I want him to start and play at a high level and I DO NOT want him playing out of position where injuries will occur because of his lack of athletic talent to play that position. I donít purposely draft substitute offensive linemen; I draft players who Iím confident will be potential starters and Ty is a potential starter at the guard position and if given the time should be a good one.

Drew Boylhart