Tyler Lockett   WR   Kansans St


Tyler is a remarkable athlete with quickness, speed, and almost freakish strength, who loves to play the game of football. He is small, but plays big because he is fearless. He will make any catch, on any down, on any route you ask him to in a game. All you have to do is get the ball to him. His quickness in and out of his breaks is far beyond the best receivers coming out in a draft and on par with most, if not all, pro receivers in the NFL. He shows excellent run after the catch skills and never seems to take a big hit because of his vision and quickness. He is a smart route runner, changes speeds and has more than one gear to go deep. Tyler is addicted to catching the ball once it is in the air. He is an excellent teammate and is as good as former special teams great for the Buffalo Bills Steve Tasker covering punts as a gunner and timing his tackle to the catch. Tyler Lockett is an excellent football player and will impact the day after you draft him for the team that selects him. I call him Tyler (Sure Thing) Lockett.

Most teams will mistakenly downgrade Tyler because of his size and his body type. The truth is, he will not get any bigger and his body type suggests that he cannot add bulk to his frame. Nevertheless, Tyler has not been injury prone at the college level because of his special skills to not take a big hit and vision and quickness. The biggest problem for teams selecting Tyler is that if your passing game revolves around Tyler and he does get hurt, it will be hard to find anyone with the same skills to replace him as a starting receiver, gunner on the coverage units and as a punt returner!

Tyler is exactly the type of player why Rob and I started the 2-board system. I know Tyler most likely wonít be selected in the first round and most of you reading this profile know that also. We all know because of his size that no matter how good Tyler plays on the field no one is going to put their scouting career on the line for an undersized receiver. Nevertheless that doesnít mean that Tyler doesnít have 1st round talent to impact and be a great player for the team that selects him. Thatís why selecting a player like Tyler in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th round happens and thatís why so many Hall of Fame receivers come from the later rounds. Most every HOF receiver that is selected in the later rounds had speed issues or size issues, but one concern they never had coming out in the draft was weak hands. Every HOF receiver picked in the later rounds of the draft could catch the ball and run great routes and thatís what Tyler can do -- run great routes and catch the ball. Tyler is that freak player who in spite of the recommended size/speed ratio everyone looks for in a receiver, comes to the game and plays hard on every play and plays any position you ask him, to the best of his ability all game long. In this draft, Tyler does not have the size/speed ratio on paper to be selected early, but he does have the size/speed ratio you look for once the game begins and to me thatís all that counts. Tyler is the type of player the New England Patriots & Pittsburgh Steelers look for in a draft and thatís why they are in the playoffs year after year. If one of these teams selected Tyler in the first round, it would not shock me. It might surprise me because history of the draft says itís not likely, but it would not shock me. Tyler (Sure Thing) Lockett is a football playerÖ#believeit

Drew Boylhart