Tyler Varga   RB   Yale


Tyler is a multi-talented athlete. He understands every aspect of his position and plays every aspect of his position to perfection. He is a very talented running back with the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and gain positive yards on almost every play. He reminds me of a bigger version of the San Diego running back, Danny Woodhead. He shows on film excellent balance running with the strength to break tackles and the football intelligence to follow and set up his blocks. He has those quick feet that make it easy to change gears, burst and get up to full speed quickly. He is an excellent blocker, both as a fullback and as a third down back, picking up blitzing linebackers with surprising power. Tyler has excellent football intelligence. He is the best blocking, as well as smartest, running back in this draft and one of the best who can catch the ball out of the backfield down the field like a receiver. Tylerís ability to play running back, fullback, H-back and slot receiver with such expert efficiency is not often seen coming out of college at any level. When Tyler is told to make a block, he makes that block. When Tyler is asked to run the ball, he runs it and makes the yardage you need. And when Tyler is needed to catch the ball on third down, he catches it for a first down every time. Are you going to tell me you need more out of the running back position than that? I donít think so.

Tyler is a physical back who does not have the speed to take it to the house on any play if he is on his side of the field andÖhe comes from Yale. Thatís it. Thatís all I got. Not too concerning, wouldnít you agree?

I saw Tyler in the Senior Bowl and what I witnessed was a player with the same type of talent to impact as RB Danny Woodhead except Tyler is a stronger and better runner as well as being and a bigger and more powerful blocker. The problem with drafting Tyler is thinking you can replace his impact to your offense with just one player if he gets injured. If Tyler had played in the SEC, he would be considered the best back or at least one of the best RBís in this draft. Now the members know that itís unlikely that Tyler will be selected in the first round because he comes from Yale. That alone drops him on most teamís boards but you see, I donít have to worry about that. All I have to do is tell you what I think his talent is and Tylerís talent is, in my mind, unquestionably good. The next question from you should be, ďWhat round would I select him in?Ē The answer is, without a doubt, the first round. Thatís how much I think of him just from watching him in the Senior Bowl. Hereís the catch: I donít think I will have to draft him in the first round if I follow the two board system correctly on draft day. Iíll look at Robís board on draft day and see what round it looks like Tyler most likely will be selected and then make a plan at that point of the draft. That is the way to select a player like Tyler who I think has first round talent in a later round. Thatís how you manage the draft and get excellent talent in every round of the draft. After that, itís up to the player and the coaches to reach that playerís potential. After all, I canít play for the kid! Tyler understands how to play his position and along with his talent, that is what I look for in a player at any college level. Once you establish that a player has the talent to play at the next level, itís just a matter of projecting how long it will take for him to produce and that comes from evaluating that playerís intangibles and Tylerís intangibles are off the chart. If Iím a team looking for a running back who is a complete running back and who I can build my running game around, Iím selecting Tyler and not looking back. Feel free to put your bets down on Tyler Varga becoming a big time player for the team that selects him. I know I will, in spite of the fact he played at Yale.

Drew Boylhart