Vic Beasley   LB   Clemson


Vic is a lean, mean, pass rushing machine. He has the length in his arms and legs the NFL scouts love and the quick burst off the line to set Defensive Coordinators a twitter like a silly school girl. Vicís quickness and burst off the line at the snap of the ball is the key to his pass rush and the way he gains advantage to turn the corner to make a sack or be disruptive in his opponentsí backfield. He shows on film the ability to drop in coverage and the speed to run players down from behind. He has those long arms that give him an excellent defensive radius when being used to cover tight ends to knock balls down. Vic has good overall talent and, in a 3-4 defense, could be an excellent fit.

My biggest concern with Vic is his lack of strength and bulk to handle being a starter at the next level. He is very poor against the run and his instincts and linebacker skills at this point of his career are sub-par because he was used as a defensive end in a 4-3 defense. For the next level, his lack of strength, size, bulk, and the ability to make secure tackles will make playing that position or even the linebacker position as a starter a big concern. Vic has a long way to go before he is starting material for an NFL team and with his body type, he might never have the bulk to be much more than a specialty player for the team that selects him.

For me personally, if you canít stop the run or at least have the size and tackling skills to stop the run, then you are nothing more than a specialty player. Specialty players are a luxury and are limited to special teams until they prove otherwise. Vic can rush the passer, but because of his size, he can also be handled very easily with one blocker. That means he will have to be used in schemes that will free him up to impact. Stunts and different designed blitzing schemes will be the key to Vic being anything more than average. Right now, Vic canít get off a block to make a tackle against the run and canít make more than one pass rushing move. Can he learn the techniques to shed blocks? Of course -- but then why didnít he do it at the college level? Can he get bigger and stronger and learn more pass rushing techniques? Of course Ė but again, after three years why hasnít he improved in this area either? I canít answer these questions, only Vic can. I can tell you what I see on film and what I see is a specialty pass rusher who seems to think he doesnít have to improve or else he would have. He really lacks the interest in stopping the run or he would set the edge and at least turn the running back inside for a teammate to tackle. You need proof of this lack of stopping the run? Look at the very last series of plays in the 2014 Florida St vs Clemson game. Florida St was behind, but instead of passing the ball to victory, they just ran at Vic straight to victory.

Drew Boylhart