Vince Mayle   WR   Washington St


Vince is one of the many receivers in this draft with the potential to be a starting #1 receiver for the team that drafts him. He reminds me a lot of Buccaneers receiver Vincent Jackson -- not as fast, but plays with the same ability to make tough contested catches over the middle and has enough speed and quickness get deep to make the big play. Tackling Vince is a task unto itself. He runs with passion and is not shy about taking a hit or giving it out. Heís got those long legs that most defensive backs hate to tackle and to bring him down usually takes more than one player in the open field. He runs strong routes and inside the red zone is a match-up nightmare because of his size and strength along with his ability to adjust to the ball in the air and catch it with his strong hands. Vince has those long strides that make it very hard to stay with him on deep routes even if the defense back is faster than he is. He also has long arms that give him a big catch radius and, unless he is up against a corner with longer arms than he has, Vince will catch just about everything thrown his way when running any kind of route. He still has a lot to learn, but make no mistake about it: Vince has the potential to be a #1 receiver for the team that selects him.

Vince runs the short routes with authority and confidence, but when he runs his deep routes, he seems to lack that same authority and confidence as if he doesnít believe that he can get deep or maybe he doesnít have confidence his QB can throw it deep. Vince will also need to learn to run routes from all three receiver positions. Once Vince learns to run better deep routes and routes from the slot, he will become a force to reckon with all over the field.

Itís just a matter of time and repetitions and Vince will become the type of receiver you can build your passing game around. He has all the talent and size and has the strong hands to catch the ball when being contested. He has the big body to put a defensive back on his back and shield him as he catches passes in the end zone as well as the ability to adjust to the ball in the air and catch those fade passes everyone likes to throw for a touchdown. Vince also has the passion to gain yardage after the catch on those crossing routes in the middle of the field and the speed to line up in the slot and go up the hash marks to give the safeties and linebackers who think they can match up with him all sorts of problems. Vince has improved from one year to the next and he seems to have the passion and football intelligence to learn and become better. He is a sleeper receiver in this draft mostly because this is a draft full of excellent receivers and he seems to be hiding in plain sight for that reason. He might not have the pure speed that other receivers have in this draft, but he does have the overall talent to be one of the best in this deep draft class of receivers. Remember, speed does not make a great receiver -- it just makes teams draft them earlier than those receivers who are not as fast. Donít be fooled by the round Vince will be selected in because he has the potential to become a #1 receiver. How do I know? Itís because I look at the film for every one of my profiles.

Drew Boylhart