A’Shawn Robinson   DL   Alabama

A’Shawn is a powerful athletic defensive tackle with the athleticism to play in any style of defense and in any style of defensive front. He is as big as a Winnebago and his ability to play in a 2-gap system and stuff the run is what he will bring with him for the team that selects him. A’Shawn has just enough foot speed and change of direction skills to create havoc when he splits a double team and gets into the backfield. He has improved dramatically this year from game to game in his hand usage, which has helped him to become better stuffing the run and getting into the backfield on passing plays to allow teammates to make sacks. A’Shawn is a pure run stuffer for a 2-gap defense but don’t just think that’s all he can do because he is still developing which means he still has some upside to his game.

A’Shawn still has a lot to learn as far as rushing the passer. What he must learn to use better is his natural explosion and strength. He also needs to improve his hand usage to better his pass rushing moves. When he does improve in this area, he could be a MONSTER for the next level and not just a Winnebago.

Right now A’Shawn is surrounded by a lot of talent and it is hard for his opponents to make him the focal point of a game plan. He won’t be missed by opposing coaches in the NFL; therefore, there will be some growing pains for A’Shawn to impact, which might not happen for the first year or two. He can stuff the run and if a team wants to run to his side or at him, they will need to double team him to accomplish this with any kind of consistent success. As far as playing in a different front than he played at the college level? He has the talent to play any position on the defensive line and in any style of front, even playing nose tackle in a 3-4, but once again, for him to impact he still has a lot to learn. He learned a lot this year, but as I said, there was a lot of talent on the Alabama front 4 plus the talent to rotate when need be and that might not happen so easily once he is selected and playing in the NFL. He looks through his play on the field to have the work ethic to continue to improve along with the intelligence, but as with most young players, he also has to have the maturity to understand and accept his positions and their respective responsibilities and sometimes, those responsibilities do not make you noticed by the fans. That being said, the emotional jump to the NFL is just as hard to adjust to as the athletic and physical jump and that will be the big issue for A’Shawn after he is selected. I think he will do it given time and patience. I think he understands that although he has some developing still to do, it’s just a matter of time before he does.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016