Adolphus Washington   DT/DE   Ohio St

Adolphus has the talent to be as impactful as the Buffalo Bills’ DT Marcell Dareus. He has the size and overall athletic talent to play on the defensive line in any position and in a style of defensive front. He has solid foot speed and good balance to be able to rush the passer. He has excellent overall strength to dominate his opponent and change the line of scrimmage on every down to his advantage. For a tall player, he comes off the line at a good pad level gaining leverage to be able to control his opponent. Adolphus has not yet come close to reaching his potential at the college level in any aspect of his game; therefore, because of his athletic talent and size speed ratio, I would suggest that he has a great deal of “upside” and just needs some “coaching up”.

Adolphus’ play on the field is immature at this point of his career. He is inconsistent in using his hands to free himself up to make plays. When he is pass rushing, he gets up too high and loses leverage, but in his defense he does get his arms up to knock down balls. Adolphus has also made immature decisions off the field which shows that he may struggle if given a ton of money at his age. His play on the field shows a lack of work ethic to get better until the last few games of this season, which sends a signal that once he decided to leave college early, he started to play to the level of his talent.

Right now on film, Adolphus shows the immaturity in his play and techniques that suggest that he should have stayed in college and not come out early for this draft. That doesn’t mean that all of a sudden the maturity bell will not go off and Adolphus might be ready to become the player his talents suggest that he can become. It just means that, until he gets serious or proves in some way through his interviews that he has become serious, Adolphus is a boom or bust player if you decide to draft him in the first round. If you wait until the 2nd Round, you might get an immature player who has a chip on his shoulder and wants to show everyone who passed on him how wrong they were. Adolphus is in for a real shock at the next level. For the first time when he decides to put out the effort, he may discover that the effort he puts out is not good enough. He will find out for the first time that he has to give both mental and physical effort (at the same time) to succeed. He will also learn quickly that teammates and coaches will not respect him if he doesn’t improve as fast as he can. I like Adolphus’ potential and I would be happy to draft him if he fell to me in the 2nd round, but selecting him earlier with the amount of work and maturity that he is going to have to go through in just his first year of his contract (in spite of his talent) makes me think there are other players to look at in the first round that are not as immature on the field and off the field. Adolphus will most likely be selected in the first round and if that happens I hope it’s with a team that has a veteran group of linemen who will help him through his first two years. If that happens, Adolphus will be a solid player, but for me personally, I still wait until the 2nd round to select him.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016