Alex Collins   RB   Arkansas

Alex is a quick cutting power runner who has excellent lateral agility and explosion. He has explosive lower body strength to break tackles and is a complete back in running, catching and blocking. Alex has the speed to turn the corner on sweeps and is deadly in the open field with his quick cutting agility. He will make a player miss between the tackles and in the open field because of his vision. He has the physical toughness to carry the ball for all three downs because of his ability to pick up and block a blitzing opponent and catch the ball out of the backfield and down the field like a receiver. Alex has played and produced out of a multiple back offense running with a fullback and out of the spread as a single back. He has the talent to impact and become a franchise back for the team that drafts him.

A lack of maturity to handle success has reared its ugly head for Alex this season. His college coach had to sit Alex down against some top teams for team rule infractions. It makes you wonder, if he can so easily let down his teammates and coaches at the college level without money, what he will do at the next level with money. Of course Alex runs a little high, so injuries and fumbles are an issue, but Iím nit picking at this point. Maturity, or the lack thereof, is the real concern.

Alex has all the talent you look for in a complete running back for the team that selects him but he will have to answer for acting immature and forcing his coach to react to that immaturity during the season. Itís a red flag on a really talented player, but it doesnít mean that I would not draft him in the first round; it just means I would rate other running backs with equal talent and fewer knucklehead off field issues ahead of him in this process. That means that Alex may have knocked himself out of consideration to be selected in the 1st, 2nd or possibly even the 3rd round as this position is not valued that high by many teams. So, sleeping late and missing meetings will cost Alex some money and if that doesnít bother him thatís just another red flag to put into the evaluation. Now you see how all of the little things add up to a big thing. I just hope Alex sees it as well. Heís still a 1st round talent who might not be selected until later in the draft so look at Robís board to see the round he most likely will be selected in. AhÖthe two board system. Its value is to find players in every round with talent rated from previous rounds and Alex just might fall into that category.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016