Anthony Zettel   DE/DT   Penn St

Anthony has some good athleticism to develop into a defensive lineman for a 3-4 defense. He shows on film solid change of direction skills and has good lateral agility. He has good size and strength in both his upper and lower body. He is quick off the line into his opponent and has the physical talent to play in a 2=gap or 1-gap attack defensive line system. Anthony does a solid job of changing the line of scrimmage to his advantage. Overall there is a ton of talent to work with and from what I can see on the film a work ethic that wants to get better. Anthony looks to me to be the type of player who can become a core player for the team that selects him.

Anthony doesnít need to work harder, but he does need to learn to work smarter. He has to learn to keep offensive lineman off his body before they get their hands on him. He also is trying to out muscle players and needs to understand the benefits of leverage. He struggles against double teams because he has no clue how to defeat it. I see a hard working player who has not been coached very well and it looks like he is trying to coach himself and has a lot of bad habits.

This whole defensive line has talent, but the coaching is poor and the players are confused about their roles and the fundamentals of their positions. At times all of them are using 1-gap techniques when playing 2-gap responsibilities and vice a versa. Every one of them allows the offensive linemen into their bodies and everyone of them are slow getting off blocks to make tackles. Iím not sure what is going on with this program but the fundamentals are not being taught. Anthony has the talent to be drafted, but he shows a lack of understanding on how to play his position and that comes from poor coaching. In a few years with better coaching I expect Anthony to become a core player for his team and a fan favorite because of his talent and because of his work ethic. I expect him to play better as a DE in a 3-4 defense and he reminds me a lot of former Defensive lineman Brett Keisel who played 13 years in the NFL for one team the Pittsburgh Steelers and was a core player and a fan favorite. I think Anthony can have the same type of career as Brett had with the right team, the right system and with much better coaching.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016