Artie Burns   CB   Miami

Artie is your typical overbearing, obnoxious cover corner with good cover skills and poor tackling techniques. He has those long arms and legs that make it easy for him to have a big defensive radius. He reminds me a lot of Antonio Cromartie. Artie is a quick twitch athlete and in single coverage has the potential to be a good cover corner. He can flip his hips quickly and because of those long arms, has the ability on the deep ball to trail the receiver and still make a play on the ball. Artie has solid hands to intercept the ball and celebrate afterwards making quarterbacks wish they hadnít made a mistake of throwing to Artieís side of the field. Unfortunately, because of his slender build, Artie is strictly an outside cover corner back, but a very good one the day after he is selected in the draft.

To me there is nothing worse than a cover corner who doesnít like to support the run or, for that matter, tackle in general. Artie will tackle his man in single coverage, but as far as being the first to the play when itís a run, forgetaboutit. Also mentally, Artie is not built for zone coverage. It doesnít draw enough attention to him which means itís not the defense he wants to play in although if he is as smart as I think he is, he will realize that he can make more interceptions in zone coverage than in single coverage. Just ask Richard Sherman.

In spite of Artie being a bit of a show off after he makes any kind of play, I think he has excellent talent and is very smart. If I needed a cover corner and played mostly single coverage in my defensive backfield, I would draft him without a doubt. But I also know for a fact that as soon as some team figures out that Artie does not have tackling high on his list of priorities, they will run the ball to his side to make third downs on anything less than five yards. They will also pull switches on him and use a big receiver who they know will break a tackle and make the needed yardage. That being said, Artie will at times step up to the challenge and make a tackle surprising everyone (mother included) just to make a statement. Artie is smart and knows how to market himself and make you think he is better than he is. Lots of corners in the NFL do the same thing and get away with it. As long as Artie can intercept the ball consistently, he can get away with opponents being afraid to throw to his side of the field. Artie should be a valuable asset inside the red zone because thatís when he can do most of his damage intercepting passes and making quarterbacks fear throwing to his side of the field. In the right defense and with the right team, Artie could be an interception machine; unfortunately, until he decides to start tackling, he will also be a team liability.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016