Austin Johnson   DE/DT   Penn St

Austin is a big defensive tackle who gives good effort on every play. He does a nice job taking up offensive linemen for others on the team to make tackles. He can play on the nose in a 3-4 defense or as a Defensive Tackle in a 4-3 defense. Austin has solid athletic talent to play his position and the attitude needed to do the grunt work his position requires in the style of defense his college team runs. He looks to be a good teammate working hard to make the players better around him.

Austin really struggles to get off blocks. He plays too high and allows offensive linemen into his body to tie him up. His hand usage is poor and inconsistent, as is his gap control, which makes the players to either side and behind him inconsistent. Austin has talent, but the coaching or his ability to take that coaching and bring it onto the field is questionable. Austin also needs better “football functional” strength in his upper body. He has good strength in his lower body, but he doesn’t understand the benefits of leverage.

I consider Austin a rotation defensive lineman with size and decent athletic talent who needs better coaching to become more consistent in his play. His arms are not the longest and he HAS to keep offensive linemen off his body to become more consistent in controlling his gaps. He has some lateral agility, but if he doesn’t keep players off his body, he will struggle to be effective. I really question the coaching on this team because it seems to me that Austin has the talent to be a lot better than he is. Then again maybe it’s a lack of work ethic on Austin’s part and that is a question to be answered by Austin. Personally for me I see a lot bad coaching on this team because the overall talent seems to be there.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016