Brandon Allen   QB   Arkansas

Brandon is a smart, mentally tough quarterback who stands strong in the pocket and makes plays. He shows the leadership skills to be a starting and winning quarterback for the team that selects him in this draft. He shows on film an accurate arm with strong velocity to make most of the throws needed for a starting quarterback at the next level. He is smart and has good football intelligence using the players around him and making them better. Brandon has the athletic talent to make a first down on his own running the ball, as well as the agility to slide in the pocket, reload and extend plays in the passing game. He is a developmental quarterback with the potential to start and be a winning quarterback at the next level.

Brandon is a pocket passer and throws better from the pocket, so size does matter at his position but not if you can play the game and have some sort of unique talent that can equalize your size like arm strength. Brandon has good arm strength, but it is not unique so rating him after others who are taller and do have excellent arm strength seems logical except that truthfully Brandon will make it in the NFL based on how well he plays and not on his height or arm strength.

Brandon reminds me a lot of former Saints, Falcons, Rams and Ravens QB Marc Bulger. He sets up a lot like him when he drops from center and comes over the top very much like Marc did with excellent techniques. He’s not as tall as Marc, but has the same arm strength and accuracy. Brandon has the talent to win at the next level and in the right system can become a winning quarterback and any winning quarterback can lead the right team to the playoffs or Super Bowl and win. Why do I say that? Look at the history of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks and tell me how many are Hall of Fame quarterbacks compared to those that are not. This draft is very deep in developmental quarterbacks who can win in the NFL. In fact, it might the deepest in years. Brandon is just one of about ten quarterbacks in this draft who might not be franchise quarterbacks, but without a doubt can become starting and winning quarterbacks for the NFL team that selects them. Remember a team drafts a player with the information they have in front of them at the time of the draft. After that… it’s up to the player to succeed and my profile suggests that there is no reason why Brandon will not succeed at the NFL level given the time to develop and the right offensive system that fits his talents.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016