Braxton Miller   WR   Ohio St

Braxton has the size and straight-line speed that the NFL likes to see in its wide receivers. He has excellent strength to be a good run after the catch type of receiver and the passion to improve. He has solid overall athleticism and runs strong routes with nice balance that make it difficult for a defensive back to get physical with him. He seems to have solid hands catching the ball and to be fearless going over the middle. Braxton has an excellent work ethic and shows on film to be a team player and a good blocker helping out in the running game as well as blocking for other receivers. He reminds me a lot of the Broncos 2006 4th Rd pick and Dolphins, Bears, Jets WR Brandon Marshall but… without the baggage.

Braxton is learning the position and right now doesn’t have a significant catch radius. He also has some drops because his hands are a little stiff. He lacks the football instincts of the position because he hasn’t played it very much and the QB’s throwing to him lack the consistent accuracy that you like to see at the position. Braxton’s work ethic and athleticism are terrific components of playing the receiver position at the next level, but he still has a lot to learn about the position and will have to get used to being hit and catching the ball with players hanging all over him. Also, his ability to separate and his route running are improving, but he still has some work to do. Because of his long strides, he lacks lateral explosion to make quick cuts and gain yardage after the catch, but because he is such a strong runner this issue can be minimized.

Braxton has a ton of talent to work with and his maturity and work ethic will make that easy. However, he will go through some growing pains before he can impact at the next level. I know Braxton will improve in all the areas that I have mentioned but the one concern I have above all others is instincts of the position. You would think playing quarterback would give him better instincts than most receivers learning the position, but I think because he is thinking so much that he lacks the ability to allow what instincts that he may have developed shine in those situations. Right now Braxton is very “robot-like” in his play and I guess that is to be expected by most who will evaluate him but for me I’d like to see the more human side of his play show through. Thinking like a quarterback while you’re running routes, reading defenses and cutting off routes and understanding when a blitz is coming is the key to being a great receiver. I would think a player who played the position of quarterback at a high level would have that advantage over other receivers, but Braxton doesn’t seem to have that advantage, which is a little shocking to me. Nevertheless, he has the talent to be an excellent receiver and hopefully after he shakes the cobwebs and those instincts kick in, things will really click for him. I think they will and I would select him in this draft because I see a player who will not stop working until that happens.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016