Caleb Benenoch   OT   UCLA

Caleb has excellent athletic talent to play right or left tackle for the team that selects him. He has the lateral agility and with his long arms and legs, he is able to deny his opponents the angle to attack his quarterback. He does a very good job blocking for the run and in spite of his height, comes off the line of scrimmage at just the right pad level to gain leverage to move his man out of the way. He is very smart, has solid techniques and when he is consistent using the correct techniques, you can see the improvement in his play during the game. Caleb is like a sponge during a game analyzing and adjusting to the speed and athleticism of his opponent after each play, learning how to make each block as the game goes on better and better so that most of the time by the end of the game he is winning more one-on-one’s than he is losing. Caleb is mentally strong and with his ability to analyze his opponent during a game, he shows the leadership skills and overall talent to eventually become one of the best offensive linemen from this draft class.

Caleb is young and will have to build up his body and become a lot stronger. He is susceptible to a bull rush and can be very confused on stunts and blitzes when moved inside. However, most of these issues can be corrected with repetition and experience. He struggles right now mostly because of a lack of strength and experience and seems to have the work ethic to overcome both.

When I first turn on the film of UCLA to look at Caleb for the first few downs there was nothing that impressed me about his play. In fact he looked like a player who was just going through the motions. Then, all of a sudden, like a switch turns on the lights in a room, Caleb gets more aggressive and starts to dominate his man. He lacks the consistent techniques and strength, but still has the football intelligence to figure out how his man is going to attack him. He changes, adjusts to the situation and seems to become the player his athletic talent suggests that he can become. Caleb has unlimited potential but he is very raw at this point of his career. He “could” become as good a right tackle as the Cowboys Tyron Smith and has the potential to become a franchise Left Tackle. That being said, right now if he had to start at the tackle position, he would struggle until he gained the strength and confidence and the needed repetitions against NFL talent. Caleb has played guard at times for his college team and although he struggled (especially when bull rushed) once again as the game goes on Caleb learns and starts to dominate. This is a very talented offensive lineman with the potential to become a dominating offensive lineman with future leadership skills and that’s what a draft is all about. You draft Caleb and bring him along slowly and all of a sudden you will see a Pro bowl offensive lineman who might turn into a franchise Left Tackle.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016