Cardale Jones   QB   Ohio St

Cardale might be the most physically gifted quarterback in this draft. He has one of the strongest arms with excellent accuracy. He has the athleticism to move in the pocket and gain the needed yardage once the pocket breaks down. Cardale has the prototypical size, strength and arm talent that NFL teams look for in a quarterback coming out of college that most “experts” suggest all quarterbacks must possess to be successful in the NFL. When you watch Cardale on film it is not likely that the average fan can deny his physical talent to play his position. Unfortunately, as I always say, it takes more than talent to play in the NFL and for that matter in Cardale’s case, it takes more than talent to play for his college team also.

First concern would be work ethic, the next would be football intelligence, the next would be physical stamina and mental toughness and finally, I don’t care what anyone says, Cardale is physically out of shape and it showed in his recent pro day work out. Add to that a recent interview that I saw and all I can tell you is his lack of maturity was frightening and the thought of signing him to a contract that would give him any money at all, frightens me.

I’m not telling you that Cardale is not a draftable player. His issues come from a lack of maturity and at some point he will grow up and maybe work hard. This is a player who should be embarrassed that he never reached his potential in college. Seriously, the kid with all of his talent, got benched. As far as selecting him in this draft, I’m just saying for me personally, I would let someone else go through the process first and see where Cardale is at after his first contract is up. I’m sure others will think differently but remember I come from the ownership point of view, who has worked hard all of his life to become successful enough to be one of 32 people in the world to own an NFL franchise. So if you can, think about selecting Cardale from that point of view. Think about it, you have a kid who is immature with a bad work ethic, out of NFL shape and lacks football intelligence for the NFL level. A team is not going to draft him in the first round in spite of his top ten physical talents so that means that your coaches will not be totally committed to making him a better quarterback because they don’t have the time to babysit him and develop him. That means he will have little direction, and direction is exactly what he does need more than anything else. Add to that “little direction” issue is the fact that he will sign a contract and receive more money than he has ever had or seen in his life even at the 7th round or rookie free agency level. Now you add all of that information together and tell me what round you would select him in? He is very draftable, just not for me because he just doesn’t show me that he has “more than talent” at this point of the process. Nevertheless remember one of my other draft sayings as far as the NFL coaches are concerned: “Talent always trumps character” and believe me, Cardale will be selected and I’m sure earlier than I have suggested because he does have top ten talent to play his position.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016