Charone Peake   WR   Clemson

Charone is another receiver in this draft that can catch the ball while driving a standard shift car down the road and fumbling for change in his pockets to pay the toll. He has nice size, solid speed and shows on film to be a good blocker giving effort on every play even if that play goes to the opposite side of the field. He is smart and can get deep with double moves because he is always giving the impression that he is blocking before running a route on most plays when he is not considered the hot receiver. Charone is a weapon inside the red zone because of his large catch radius and love for the physical part of the game. He will not shy away from contact and uses a stiff arm to gain yardage after the catch. Charone is not as big as most possession receivers are, but he is strong and smart and he has the eye-hand coordination that is unique and needed to catch balls while being contested. With the right quarterback, Charone can become a weapon.

Charone lacks the lateral explosion you like to see in the top receivers in a draft class. Without that lateral explosion, he has to play smarter. He has to stop dancing of the line of scrimmage trying to juke his way off because it takes too much time and he struggles to get open. He also has to run smart routes and use his hands better to get off the line. Charone also has to run more efficiently after the catch and not look so much for contact. He runs after the catch like he is a power running back looking for contact between the tackles to gain a few extra yards on a third down play. If he continues to run like this, injuries will keep him off the field. It might benefit Charone to add about five to ten more pounds of muscle to take the pounding at the next level.

Charone has Roddy White type of talent to impact. He has to play smarter and run more efficient routes very much like Roddy had to learn to do in his early years. He also has to learn to stay healthy and not look so much for contact after the catch or like Roddy in his early years, he will be injured and not able to produce and learn on the field. If Charone gains some muscle and stays on the field, he will become an intricate part of the offense for the team that selects him in his first few years and after that he could become “THE” receiver for his team, but he does have some important issues to deal before that can happen because of his limits athletically. I like him and think he is a sleeper in the draft. Look for Charone on Rob’s board and if your team needs a complimentary receiver who has the potential to turn into a franchise receiver I think it would be real smart to draft him. Charone is the type of player who might be selected earlier than I have him rated and that might not be such a bad thing.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016