Chris Jones   DT   Mississippi St

Chris is a beast on the field playing with the strength and explosion off the line of scrimmage that most players his size do not have. He fires off at the snap of the ball at an impossibly low pad level that allows for him to have the edge on the offensive lineman blocking him. That, along with his lower body strength, makes him a load to try to handle one-on-one. Chris has solid overall athletic talent and that along with his power off the snap will make him a disruptive defensive tackle for the team that selects him. Although Chris has a lot to learn about how to get free as quickly as possible, his ability to come off the line with the power and pad level that he does makes him a defensive tackle with the “potential” to become a disruptive force in the backfield of his opponent on every play. But like I said -- he has a lot to learn and his talent is at the “potential” stage.

Although Chris comes off at a pad level that gives him an advantage, he has a bad habit of not bringing his feet consistently which means he can be pushed to the ground and have no effect on the play. Chris also needs to learn how to use his hands and long arms to separate quicker and make more tackles. He lacks the lateral agility to play on the nose in a 3-4 defense which limits him to the defensive tackle position in a 4-3 defense where he is covered up and only has to worry about what’s in front of him. He also seems to need a kick in the buttocks during a game to perform at a level that overcomes the offensive lineman blocking him. Chris has raw talent that needs to be developed but he does have the talent to be an impact disruptive defensive tackle.

Chris is a developmental player who on film right now looks to be limited to one style of defense. Nevertheless, if Chris has the work ethic to improve, he could become a dominating and disruptive force in that one style of defense and that to me means you take a chance and select him because dominating, disruptive defensive linemen are hard to find. He has a lot to learn and he has some athletic limitations that he will need to learn how to minimize but his natural skill of coming off the line of scrimmage with power and with that pad level that you don’t see often in a college player is unique. Chris also has to want to play and from what I see on film he has to motivate himself and not wait for a coach to kick him in the buttocks to get him to play harder. Like I said, when he decides to play, he is impossible to deal with unless he is double teamed and still he will change the line of scrimmage to his team’s advantage. He has to improve his balance, bring his feet and move with consistency, but if a coach can get this kid to do all those things and teach him better hand usage, Chris has the potential to be something special. It’s all up to him.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016