Cody Kessler   QB   USC

Cody Kessler is a very smart quarterback who has the same type of talent as the Saints QB Drew Brees and the Bengals QB Andy Dalton. He has an accurate arm and shows on film the accuracy and anticipation throwing the ball that is needed to be successful at the next level. He works well from the pocket and is adept at dropping from center with good mechanics and making throws in rhythm. Cody has a lot of snaps and experience working for multiple head coaches and offensive coaches and has continued to be successful under every change. He shows the leadership skills and has had the respect of the coaches, players and fans for his college team. He has just enough athleticism to extend plays, sliding in the pocket and running for third downs when needed, but Cody’s strength is his ability to make plays from the pocket and that is what teams tell you all the time that they look for in a quarterback to be successful at the next level but the truth is, I think that’s a lie.

Cody lacks the velocity on his passes that most teams feel a quarterback has to have above all other factors. I do admit that Cody most likely would fit a team that uses a west coast offense and is a warm weather team or a dome team which does affect his ability to be rated for the initial rounds by all 32 teams, but that doesn’t mean Cody can’t be a winning and starting quarterback at the next level.

Andy Dalton plays for a cold weather team and Drew Brees was drafted by the San Diego Chargers and plays now for a dome team, the New Orleans Saints. Both were selected in the second round of their respective drafts. Cody has the talent, experience in a pro style offense and the moxie to potentially be as successful at the NFL level as those two players have been. He will need the players around him to be talented just like Drew does and Andy does. He will need blockers to block for him and he will need a head coach who believes that “coaching better” is the answer to a successful quarterback and not arm strength alone. You’ve got to have the whole package to go along with the arm and granted, Cody may be a fit for some teams and not a fit for others, but I think if he gets a chance to start and a coach commits to him, he can be as successful as Andy Dalton has been and maybe even Drew Brees.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016