Cody Whitehair   OG/OC/OT   Kansas St

Cody has been playing left tackle for his college team and although he has done a good job, his impact position for the NFL will mostly be as a guard or center. He shows on film good balance and excellent feet and with his solid lateral agility, should have no problems moving inside. Cody is smart and shows leadership skills on the field, which will serve him well if he is moved inside to the center or left guard position. He is quick out of his stance and shows the pass blocking techniques that are mature. He has excellent mental toughness and mental strength; he shows this on film through his consistent use of techniques for all four quarters. Cody could play offensive tackle in a pinch because of his consistency when blocking, but his impact position and leadership skills are unique for a young player and will be needed more inside than outside.

Cody is not as stout against stronger defensive linemen because he plays a little high and loses leverage; however, in his defense, improvement in this area comes with playing more experience inside. As soon as he is playing an inside position more often and using his attention to detail, I have no doubt that this will not become an issue. I’d like to see him work out at center because with his football intelligence, I think he could become an impact center very much like the Panthers Ryan Kalil.

Cody is the type of player you draft and worry about the position he’ll play later. He will be that good. The problem for most people is the value of the position he can play. To me, since I project him as a player who might be able to play five different positions on the offensive line, I would consider him to be very valuable. Cody reminds me a lot of Ryan Kalil. He moves very much like him to the second level and plays with the same level of intelligence. He is not a powerful blocker; he is more of a “get the job done with the correct techniques” blocker. You can use him to pull and to get out in front of sweeps and screens. When you need him to make a powerful block, he can do that also, but only when it is necessary. I will be surprised in this draft if Cody is not selected at some point in the first round, but if he is not and your team selects him in a later round, consider yourself lucky. It’s hard to find an inside player with his intelligence, size and athletic talent. Add to that his confidence and leadership and you have an excellent offensive lineman who has the ability to play more than one position and play them all at a very high level.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016