Cyrus Jones   CB/S/WR/RB   Alabama

Cyrus can catch a ball like a wide receiver, run the ball like a running back, tackle like a safety, is a solid if not better than solid cornerback and is a special teams nightmare returning punts. He is always around the ball and making impact plays because of his football intelligence. He shows leadership skills through his play on the field. Cyrus has very quick feet and explosive lateral agility that in past years have made him one of the best players and most impacting player on the field for his college team. As a cornerback (when healthy), he is a ball hawk quickly analyzing what is happening and adjusting to the ball in the air to intercept it. When returning punts he is quick and fast and can break tackles in the open field along with following and setting up his blocking. At the cornerback position, he is dynamite waiting to explode into his opponent on a tackle and using the sidelines as a defender better than most do in this draft. Cyrus has impact talent at a number of positions and, if he is healthy, teams will struggle to decide what that position will be. I think Cyrus can be an impact Troy Polamalu-type safety with better cover skills. Thatís just me thinking out of the box on this one.

The injury Cyrus had is a torn hip labrum that affects players with the ability to make quick lateral movements. This surgery will have to be checked out because Cyrus this year still looked like it bothered him at times. Cyrus also was arrested (with the charges dropped) for a domestic violence incident that did not involve a physical assault. These are two big issues that will have to be investigated. The surgery issue is why I think Cyrus would be better at safety than corner for the NFL. But if it is not a problem Cyrus could be a sleeper cornerback for the team that selects him.

Players like Cyrus who play through an injury and have his type of talent to play more than one position at a very high level are why teams who make the playoffs every year continue to make the playoffs. Cyrus is a perfect fit for teams like the Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, Bengals or the Vikings. Those coaches understand the value of a player who may not fit the size/ speed ratio, but know how to play the game and be impact players; they are FOOTBALL players. If his medicals come back with positive results and his off field issues are not that involved, I would list Cyrus as 1st round talent. However, like I always say it takes more than talent to play in the NFL and this year I saw some issues in the way Cyrus played on the field that makes me wonder if his surgery still has not solved his injury problem. Nevertheless Cyrus still impacted as a player and that is a positive that helps to override his injury concern for me. Look at Robís board to see what round Cyrus is likely to be selected in and then hope his surgery has solved his problem because if he returns to being healthy, Cyrus will be an impact player.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016