De’Runnya Wilson   WR   Mississippi St

De’Runnya has excellent size and strong hands to snatch the ball out of the air. He is a physical receiver who will fight for the ball at its highest point. He is an excellent zone receiver who is fearless going over the middle to catch the ball. He can get deep because of his long legs that cover ground with long strides, making it difficult for smaller and faster defensive backs to cover him. He is a “move the chains receiver” who will catch the ball under duress and, in the red zone, is very difficult to handle because of his size and ability to adjust to the ball in the air. De’Runnya has franchise receiver like talent and, as a bonus, looks to be a valued teammate based on the strength and effort he shows on screens and sweeps to his side.

There are some character issues in De’Runnya’s past. I will leave it to each team to decide for themselves how they want to consider it. Remember this fellow draftniks: no matter what a team says about the character of players affecting how they evaluate a player, history has proven that talent trumps character every time. On the field, De’Runnya needs to address the usual route running improvement to his overall game, but I have no doubt that he is capable of this.

De’Runnya reminds me a lot of the Bears WR, Alshon Jeffery. He might not be as fast, but if he can stay healthy, he will be an impact to his team similar to Alshon. He glides -- and because of his long strides, gains separation easily. A strong-armed accurate quarterback is going to fall in love with De’Runnya due to his ability to catch the ball at its highest point and because he is fearless going over the middle. His ability to adjust to the ball high or low is excellent and like I said, if his off-field baggage is behind him, De’Runnya could be selected early in the first round. If not, it’s unclear what round teams would select him. Regardless, the team that does will be getting a potential franchise receiver if he can keep his off field issues from resurfacing to ruin his career. For me personally, I would need some interviews and better information to stop me from selecting him at some point in the first round. The way he plays on the field suggests to me his issues are in the past, but I’ve been fooled before.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016