Demarcus Robinson   WR   Florida

Athletically and physically, Demarcus is the best receiver in this draft class. He is fast, but his quickness and lateral agility are unique and not many players possess this type of quickness in this size body. He shows on film excellent hands to catch the ball and is fearless going over the middle. He is a strong “after the catch” receiver using a stiff arm to keep players away from his body. Demarcus’ shiftiness to make players miss once he has the ball and good breakaway speed to go deep and not be caught from behind are to be envied. Demarcus has “hall of fame” type talent, but as I always say, it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.

In spite of all this talent, Demarcus doesn’t show the consistent production you would expect from a player with this type of talent. The question is why? On the field, he runs poor routes until he is considered the hot receiver. He also runs poor routes in general because he is more athletic than any of his opponents and he can get away with running poor routes. Off the field, he has been suspended at least four times that we know of which shows very little respect for authority, his teammates or, for that matter, his family because he seems to relish in embarrassing them. He is immature and cannot emotionally handle success, failure or responsibility. Demarcus’ production does not equal his talent because he has a destructive nature. In his defense, he has not been arrested (to my knowledge) and his suspensions are for team rules and marijuana so the truth is he is immature like many of the players in this draft. And, as far as the NFL is concerned remember this: Talent always trump Character, no matter what teams say in public.

Owners and GMs have to decide if it makes the most business sense to leave a kid like this off your board entirely or what round to draft him in that will least affect your team monetarily if he never matures. What bothers me the most is that his production does not match his talent. Of course that can be explained by bad coaching or bad play at QB position or just Demarcus being immature. Demarcus is in for a shock at the next level and will have to work for the first time in his life athletically if he wants to live up to his talent or some team will have another Mike Wallace on their hands. I would really have to sit down with Demarcus to get a better handle on him but with what I know right now I’d be looking at selecting him at some point in the 2nd and definitely take a chance if he falls into the 3rd round. Confused? I have more than 40 first round grades and Demarcus’ 1st Rd grade falls after 32 and that puts him for me in the 2nd round. You are talking about a player who has top ten talent and if he was squeaky clean would most likely be a top ten to top fifteen selection. Demarcus could mature and be something special or be another Mike Wallace! I think that’s the definition of a Boom or Bust player.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016