Devon Cajuste   WR/TE/H-Back   Stanford

Devon is a multi-positional player with excellent hands and the type of body that makes him a mis-match in the red zone. He has the size and athletic talent to separate in close quarters which makes him a potential touchdown scoring nightmare for opposing teams to have to deal with. Devon has a smooth gait that keeps his hands and head steady running down the field and that makes it easy for him to catch the ball on deep passes. He has the athletic talent to adjust to the ball in the air and the excellent hands and flexibility to have a big catch radius. He does a very good job blocking in space which shows his teamwork, attitude and leadership skills through his unselfish play on the field. Devin comes off the line of scrimmage with decent explosion and uses his body to gain separation. In the Stanford program, Devin was under-used and, at times, misused. When you look at the film his potential screams at you and you have wonder why he wasn’t more of a target because when he was targeted, he impacted.

Devon has good hands, but he has to improve the strength in his hands if he is going to catch balls when being contested. He was used as a wide receiver and he has the athletic talent to play that position, but he has to improve his route running or he will not impact. When he is used as a slot receiver he is able to be effective because he is a bit of a mis-match and because he is a very good blocker; however, his hands must get stronger to hold onto balls when he is being contested.

Devon has deceiving speed because he has a smooth and quite gait. This makes it look on film like it’s easy to defend him with linebackers and safeties in the slot when the truth is his “sneaky” speed allows him to get behind the defense with surprising speed. As a wide receiver, he has the athletic talent but his route running is like a tight end’s route running. He likes to body up on smaller cornerbacks instead of running better and quicker routes. He also slows down after he makes his cuts allowing players at the next level to defend him easily. If Devon will just run his routes correctly, changing speeds and gears and catch the ball with strong hands, he can become a big possession receiver that is a match-up nightmare inside the red zone. The potential is there to become a complete receiver and not just a specialty receiver that his college game film suggests that he will be for the next level. He has the talent to be the same style receiver as Buccaneers’ Vincent Jackson, but he has a lot of work to do. Until that improvement happens he should be an excellent slot receiver for the team that selects him.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016