Devontae Booker   RB   Utah

Devontae has excellent overall athletic talent to play his position at a very high level. He can block and catch the ball out of the backfield and down the field, which makes him the type of running back who can produce on any down at any point on the field. Devontae smells the end zone inside the 40 yard line. He can be used as a slot receiver or in the backfield on third downs. He is a one-cut back with good explosion and leg strength to break tackles in the open field against some defensive backs. Devontae seems to be able to fall forward almost every time a defender tackles him and this will allow him to get those extra yards needed to make third downs. He has good feet, balance and a burst that gets him to his full speed quickly which will serve him well at the next level. Devontae reminds me a lot of Buccaneers running back Doug Martin.

Devontae runs hard, but he lacks the lateral agility and explosion and that means he is a systems running back. He will run well in a zone blocking scheme because of his one cut and go style of running. Although he can bounce the play outside and has no problems running sweeps and turning the corner, he does most of his damage inside the tackles. He is not shifty enough in open space when catching the ball behind the line of scrimmage to make yards unless his blockers are out there in front of him. He also runs a bit upright and with his lack of lateral agility, that style of runner has had injury issues in the past and struggles to stay on the field. Although Devontae is a willing pass blocker, he struggles because of his lack of lateral agility and that would be a problem that could be magnified at the next level.

There is no doubt that in the right system, Devontae can become an impact running back but he has to stay healthy and he has to be in the right system. I guess you could say that for a lot of players and running backs, but remember, Iím looking at 32 teams when I profile so if a player looks like a systems player and he plays a position that is notorious for injuries, I have to take that in to account when profiling. Devontae is a tough kid and his style is a tough style to stay injury free so as long as you are careful at what round you select him, I donít see a problem selecting him. However, remember today you might run the system that fits him well and then tomorrow, you might hire another offensive coordinator coach who runs a system that doesnít. The best thing to do is look at Robís board to see what round Devontae is rated in and wait for him to come to you. He has the talent, but his impact will be directly related to the offensive system a team runs and wonít be a fit for all teams.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016