Emmanuel Egbogah   DL/DE   Oklahoma St

Emmanuel has the size, length and strength to be one of the best defensive linemen in this deep class of defensive linemen. He has natural strength to go along with excellent effort. He has good balance and has the makings of a natural “power” pass rusher with long arms and legs to make it into the backfield and disrupt a play when other defensive lineman are still at the starting point. He covers a lot of ground with his long legs and because of his reach, he doesn’t have to turn the corner to disrupt a play; all he has to do is reach around his opponent and he is disrupting a quarterback’s pocket. Emmanuel has this natural upper body strength and gives him natural leverage against his opponent. He shows a good burst and second effort and has the ability to be stout at the point of attack. Emmanuel has an enormous upside to his game and with the right coach to bring it out, he can become a franchise defensive lineman for the team that selects him.

Emmanuel has a long ways to go before he reaches his potential. He is very inconsistent with his hand usage. He struggles against the run at times because he is inconsistent with using his techniques. Emmanuel doesn’t come off the line of scrimmage at the correct pad level and loses leverage, but because of his natural strength at the college level, he wins anyway. He is not changing the line of scrimmage in his favor on every down and he has the potential to do that. He gets frustrated with his teammates and tries to do too much by himself. He has leadership qualities but right now he doesn’t understand how to use them. He lacks the change of direction skills to be a speed rusher so he has to learn the tricks of the trade of taking the shortest route to the quarterback. I have no doubt that Emmanuel will improve very quickly in every concern I have listed because of his work ethic.

There are not many players that I see on film that play as inconsistently (technique wise) as Emmanuel plays and still give them a first round grade, but this kid’s potential is too enormous to think for one minute that he is going to slide to the second round for some lucky team to select. In every game, Emmanuel looks lost and sloppy and confused and then after half time he seems to say to himself that enough is enough and this man child comes out of his shell and starts to make plays. Against the run, if he keeps himself square and uses his arms you can’t run the ball to his side of the line. He seems to excel going up against the right tackles more so that the left tackles. In fact, he man-handles those right tackles and even when opposing coaches give the offensive lineman help, he overcomes it by using his reach. Against left tackles, he struggles which doesn’t surprise me because most of the time his stance is wrong. He struggles against the double team but it’s not because he is not strong enough it’s all because of inconsistent techniques. With good coaching and using techniques consistently there is no telling how good he can become. There are more “finished” linemen in this class, but there are none with better potential to impact than Emmanuel.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016