Eric Murray   CB/S   Minnesota

Eric has the size, length and athletic talent to be a top cover corner in the NFL for the team that selects him. He shows on film good change of direction skills and catch up burst when he gets beat on the deep ball. Eric has a big defensive radius with his long arms and legs and is able to cover a lot of ground to knock down balls when trailing his opponent. Eric is smart and in single coverage, has the upper body strength to knock those bigger players off their timing and routes. He’s a solid tackling corner and comes up quick to support the run. Eric has all the physical attributes teams are looking for when looking for a cover cornerback for the next level and with a little more improvement in the mental portion of defending, he can become an excellent and complete cornerback for the team that selects him.

Eric has the attributes needed to be an excellent cover corner, but right now on film he lacks zone coverage football intelligence. In his defense his team doesn’t play much zone so it would be hard for him to have these skills. In single coverage he is very good, but he doesn’t look for the ball to intercept and on the deep passes he is “settling” for just knocking balls away. He has to look more for making plays and intercepting the ball and not just settling and knocking balls down. Eric also has to get better in zone coverage before he can become an impact corner in the NFL.

Eric has to make more plays on the ball or he is just a solid cover corner and not an impact cover corner. There is no reason for him not to be able to make plays on the ball because he is in position most of the time, but seems to just settle for defending the play instead of making a play. Eric is in single coverage most of the time, but it’s important that he become proficient in all styles of defenses and not just in one style. If he learns more about zone coverage, he will learn to be more of a ball hawk which will help him to take more calculated chances and look for the ball more when he plays in single coverage. If he learns matchup zone coverages, he will learn to trust his teammates more, take more calculated chances and accept that he has help over the top. Eric has the talent to slip into the first round and be selected by a team who uses a lot of single coverage and believes in leaving their corners out on an island. If he doesn’t look for the ball more often and take some calculated chances, the quarterbacks in the NFL with excellent accuracy and receivers with terrific hands will beat him deep and make him look average. I think Eric will improve in these areas and when he does he will become an impact cover corner for the team that selects him. It might take a little time, but the work ethic is there.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016