Eric Striker   ER/S/LB   Oklahoma

Eric is another of those defensive players who can play more than one position for you on defense. He is a quick twitch athlete with a burst off the line of scrimmage and to the ball that most in this draft do not possess. Ericís game speed and instincts are outstanding and, if he was just a bit taller and with longer arms, he would be considered one of the best all around players in this draft. He has quick feet and good change of direction skills. He is very smart and instinctive; he understands when to take calculated chances to impact a game. He is a speed rusher coming off the line of scrimmage and getting to his angle of attack before he can be blocked as good as any pass rusher in this draft. Eric is the type of player you move around your defense like Troy Polamalu was used to distract quarterbacks and make offensive coordinators always worry and game plan for. Eric can play a safety, weakside linebacker, in the slot to cover or as a blitzing linebacker. He plays the game at the same speed as a bullet shot out of a pistol. He reminds me a lot of former Indianapolis Colts safety Bob Sanders who consistently made impact plays all over the field.

For the purposes of this draft, Eric does not fit the height/weight/speed ratio for any one position. For me personally, all I do is turn on the film and watch him play and know height, weight, and speed is not an issue in evaluating him because, this kid can play football. So downgrade him all you want and worry about what position he will play and watch some smart team who worries only about what they see on film select him.

Bob Sanders was an impact player when he played, but the problem was Bob also had more impact injuries that kept him from playing enough games to impact. Eric plays the game with the same passion, burst and impact that Bob Sanders played with, only Eric is bigger. I donít worry about what position a player will play when I evaluate players for the draft, I look for players who impact the college game at any position and then look for what position that player will impact at the next level. Sometimes itís the same position and sometimes it might be some other position, but what I donít do is select players based solely on a size, speed, ratio concept. Thatís how you get stuck with track stars instead of football players. Ericís impact shows up on film and although he doesnít have the perfect height, weight, and speed ratio in workouts, he does have the perfect burst off the line and to the play as well as the instincts, anticipation and football intelligence to impact on the field. To see it, all you have to do is turn the film on and you will see his impact all over your screen.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016