Germain Ifedi   OT   Texas A&M

Germain has quick feet and I suspect will test very well at the combine. He has good size and those long arms and has played a lot snaps on the offensive line at more than one position for his college team. He has just enough of a mean streak to make him nasty at times, but not enough to cause him to lose emotional control and give up a lot of penalties. Germain has good bulk and doesnít look to be carrying too much weight, which means he has done work in the weight room and thatís a good thing. Germainís best and main strength that he brings to the next level is the quick feet and size that is needed to be an NFL offensive line.

Germain is using guard pass blocking techniques at the tackle position and thatís not good. He has quick feet, but for the tackle position, off the snap of the ball his feet are all wrong and mixed up and causing him to look very poor while pass blocking. He also holds his hands too low allowing players into his body and loses leverage. He also fires out way too high when pass blocking losing leverage and his hand placement will lead to a lot of holding penalties at the next level. He lacks functional football strength in his upper and lower body too. I have seen Germain in some games look like a player you would not draft at all and in other games look like if he just used better techniques he might be a hell of a guard, but right now itís hard to think of him playing the tackle position at the next level any time soon.

I really think that Germain has good talent, but I also think he is far behind in his development for the next level and that lack of development shows up against the better teams and defensive lineman at the college level. In fact one time I saw him try to make a cut block and he just flopped on the ground. It worked because the defender was so surprised, amused as he looked at him lying on the ground. Germain tried a cut block another time in that same game and all I can say is that it was not very good. I think Germain will test well athletically, but right now Germain is behindÖWAY behind in the football skills and intelligence areas. Iím not sure he can play tackle at the next level, but I am sure that he is worth drafting and developing because of his athletic talent. Good athletically talented offensive linemen at any position are hard to find and Germain does have the size and athletic ability to play more than one position. It might be a bit down the roadÖ but it is there.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016