Graham Glasgow   OC/OG   Michigan

Graham has good size and solid athleticism along with football intelligence. He shows very good feet and balance and although he is a little on the tall side for the center position, he is an excellent run blocker coming off the line at a pad level that establishes leverage against his opponent. He handles blocking nose tackles very well and is one of the better offensive linemen going out to the second level to make a block on balance and with leverage. He can make all the snaps and can play more than one position on the line of scrimmage at a very high level. Graham has played a lot of snaps at both Center and Left Guard and has enough lateral agility to be proficient at both positions.

Graham is a better run blocker right now than he is a pass blocker and again, for a tall offensive lineman, that is a bit of a surprise. When Pass Blocking, he allows players into his body and tries to out muscle them. If he continues doing that, he will have back problems very quickly in his career. All he has to do is develop a better punch and use his arms to keep players off his body and he will end his technique problems in this area. Of course sometimes those techniques are easier said than done.

Iím not sure why Graham is a better run blocker than pass blocker. The truth is offensive linemen who are tall (6í6Ē) usually have a problem bending and getting into their opponent at the correct pad level to really be effective blocking for the run and are usually much better pass blocking because of that height. Go figure -- Graham is just the opposite. Nevertheless Graham is a good pass blocker and with better techniques should become an excellent pass blocker so I think selecting him early in this draft makes a lot of sense. He can play the all important center position and also play Left Guard and with his size might be able to play tackle in a pinch. Graham is a multi-positional player for your offensive line and to me that means that Graham has the potential to become a core player for the team that selects him. Thatís if he doesnít have chronic back issues because of poor pass blocking techniques.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016